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Flame thrower


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Is it possible to make a flame thrower that actually works? :devil:

It can be great to clear buildings.

It would be nice also some napalm grenades to fire with OICWs, MM-1 and also the M-203. I saw some fire effects in a mod (12 weeks, but i could be wrong), that could be used.

Any thoughts or opinions?


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im pretty sure that the idea in GR is pretty much impossible to make it the least bit realistic. for one, GR is based on gun wounds or blast wounds, fire isnt considered a harmful factor. so the ghosts never get burned, just blown up :( , so i dont think a flamethrower is possible, ive seen a post on it before and they came to the same conclusion. sry mate

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its still under works, but we're working on this for the PTO expansion for WOI. Course without direct code alterations, you can expect some kind of limitation(s). But we'll do our best to minimize them.

Here's a guy on the receiving end of a thrower.


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Talking again about the Napalm, who made those contact frags in the DAGRM?

Even knowing about the "Stealed material stuff", i havent see it anywhere else. :ph34r:

TAW Weapons Power Pack Vol 1 - v1.05. Just so you know they probably stole them from this mod, which is where I saw impact grenades first, and the mod came out a long time ago. Once a thief always a thief I guess. :devil:

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