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I don't want to take advantage but.....

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Its highly possible that I may be joining a clan (stop laughing at the back!) but obviously its all very hush hush and I therefore can't go into the details at this point but..................

I've got to change my name!

nuttyknatty is just toooo long.

I've got 8 characters to play with so.......

anybody help me come up with a good name?

It obviously needs to convey my charm and innocence :D , as well as my serious gaming 'hard as nails' reputation :o= . Obviously, I'd prefer to keep something of the nuttyknatty in ther too, but 'nutynaty' just looks a little too, well, little!

(re-reading this post, I noticed how often I use the word 'obviously'! Obviously, this will stop in the New Year!)

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