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I have and installed bf2 and have no problems with it. Runs a little sluggish and have only played single player. I never patched anything. I just bought bf2 special forces , and it gives me a message that it is installing a patch, but it never completes it. after 25 minutes of waiting and trying again and again, the same thing happens. i went and started bf2 again and it works fine. However i did notice that i now have the wake island map , so it seems that some sort of patch was installed.

however I have never completly been able to install special forces. i have never recieved a prompt to install disk 2. Is this a bad disk. I mean it should install or at least give me a error message. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks :wall:

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I won't get my Special Forces till this Sat.

Needless to say, I haven't experience your problem yet.

This forum has a lot of issues with regards to Special Forces. Maybe you can a quick answer here.

I got the Wake Island between the 1st and 2nd patch. Multiplayer player only. Great map.

I'll be waiting for ppls answer here too.

btw: any relation to the DJ here in Chicago?

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Project Reality has an interesting mod. Majority of the time I play their mod offline, it removes majority of the HUD/Graphics interphase stuff and strictly makes it FPS. No camera angle that lets you look over the wall, hit points, tank hits.

...try the last mod from them AFTER you install the 1st two official patches from EA.

Then I believe this mod has a patch for the Special Forces CD-ROM to get it working.

Plus wait for the replies from the Aussie from this site. They got more play time than I do.

If you ever go online, get X-fire and add my name: Ledanek to your list. We'll fumble around for our medals.

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Hey thanks for your help. Also that link you set up is a great resource for info. I decided to try to install last night while i was sleeping. Just let it run and see if it actuallt finished the patch and lets me install disk 2. Well it did :yes: . So now I beleave i may be a little late for work :o= . Thanks for the help.

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