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Birthday Game


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OK so here is how it works:

you take the month you were born in:

March=I stabbed and killed

The day:

5th= Chuck Norris

And the first letter of your first name:

Dan=for a cookie.


i stabbed and killed chuck norris for a cookie!!!

January: I partied with

February: I had babies with

March: I stabbed and killed

April: I messed around with

May: I cast fire on

June: I robbed

July: I ate

August: I got married to

September: I beat up

October: I dressed up as

November: I made drunken love with

December: I licked

Find the day of your birthday:

1: Rocky

2: WhiteKnight

3: Eminem

4: Angelina Jolie

5: Chuck Norris

6: Vin Diesel

7: John Luc Picard

8: Bender

9: Homer

10: Watermelon Guy

11: Brazilian Jailbait

12: Paris Hilton

13: Emma watson

14: Leon

15: Mr T

16: Santa

17: An Ewok

18: Alf

19: God

20: Arnold

21: Kelly Brook

22: Mandy Moore

23: Madonna

24: Hillary Duff

25: Kirsten Dunst

26: Tina Turner

27: Zack Morris

28: Link

29: Nicole Kidman

30: Beyonce

31: the mole people

Find the FIRST letter of your FIRST name:

A: To save the future.

B: Because i hate cheese.

C: and I like it.

D: for a cookie.

E: because I felt like it.

F: to get naked pics of your mum.

G: Because it lead to World destruction.

H: and I had twins.

I: because I wanna kill you.

J: and I liked it.

K: and I had oh so much fun.

L: to be naked.

M: and something shrank.

N: Because she has purple hair.

O: for the money.

P: and it sucked.

Q: Because I love em.

R: At KFC.

S: Because someone came from the future.

T: for my girlfriend.

U: Because I was under the dark god's control.

V: naked.

W: Because I thought it was for a cheat code.

X: because I lost my mind.

Y: For no reason.

Z: Because I don't like it.


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I partied with Chuck Norris because i hate cheese.

(the morning after i had a severe headache which was the effect of some well placed roundhouse kicks in the face, but that was chucks way expressing it was a great party..)

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