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Anyone out there still throwing themselves around in this sim, it would be good to get a few people in together for some coop missions, here are a few pics i took tonight trying to remember where all the keys are again .. :rolleyes:






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got it stached away somewere, have to see if i can find it :)

was a nice game, even though i didn't completely get the hang of it back then...

edit :

btw, what ver are you folks flying?


turns out it was still on the hdd :whistle:

edit 2:

now i remember... couldn't get lomac to work with my stick ( x45 ), thats why i don't play it :\ too bad

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well, it just semms like lomac doesn't like me wery mutch...

whatever i try, i can't cet the stick configured for it ( tried it on several other sims, and it works there ) , so, i guess an uninstall is awaiting in near future..

it's realy a shame, the game realy got the potential to be greate

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not sure how i would set that up.

My cyborg i have the top two buttons for lock and unlock

3 and 4 for zoom in and out

2 is center view.

trigger is fire cannon...

f1 dispence flare

f2 dispence chaff

^Left as change weapons

^ Right change to cannon

other two i dont use their to hard to reach while flying.

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