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Was just thinking of when I used to play and how I always wanted to upgrade my old spider Xtra...

So I did a little photoshop of what it could look like.



^^^loads slow, image shack is slow today

I went and looked at all the parts to do it and it would run 600$ with a tank, mask and upgrades.

Would run on N2 of course and be a low pressure system, so it should shoot relitivly well and quiet

my old xtra was like this.


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Thats the "new" extra... i think thats what spyder calls it...

but either way I really want to know how it would peform gotta find some one with a similare setup and ask them....

seen a guide on making it low pressure and the guy that wrote it loves his to death over the autocockers hes owned.

Super fly delron bolt

Shocktech LPC

Shocktech Inline regulator

New Designz Spyder HP Valve (supposibly it works well for converting to LP)

Dye gauge

J&J ceramic barrel

Magnetic ball detent

Should be good enough

spring kit, but i havent looked at thoes to much yet

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Ya, in my opinion once various companies started making blowback bolts for their markers, Autocockers became obsolete. They were "all the rage" for awhile though. I've never even fired a marker with an N2 set up before, I'd like to see how it favors over CO2 though.

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lot of trial and error in it so ill probly need a couple spring sets lol

sounds fun thoe

I need to stop thinking about this... I might go and do it.

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N2 setups for me never went hard on orings...

I used to Own an EM1 other then the gun itself sucked the orings were never a problem...

especially since N2 tanks have nipples you never have to take it off.

Delrin bolt wont use any orings thoe.... So that leaves the Barrel, LPC, Striker, Verticle adapter. (Ill have to drill that too to make it LP)

and the valve wich usually never messed up , also the regulator but i dont plan on taking that off to much.

The bolt im looking at may not be good for LP if it doesnt work to good Ill have to modifiy the original bolt for temporary untill I can get another one that will.... Maybe a bob long one

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Now why would you want to use LP gas for? That stuff is a bit dangerous to smokers and others. I would rather use an inert gas as nitorgen or CO2.

LP stands for low pressure. Most markers run at around 500psi

with a low pressure system your looking more at 350psi or if your lucky lower like 280 or slightly less

it would run on Nitrogen

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I would love to get into paintball.

I love paintball. Its a great sport. Dosent really hurt either, unless you get shot in the neck. Getting shot in the face sucks too, but only cause you get paint in your mouth, and your goggles are greasy. Prozac will 10:4 that one :D

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Yep and it will suck hard if your playing people better then you...

played some guys from the NPPL one day...

Lets just say were on the hyper ball field and the one out of the corner of my eye I see one guy peak around a bunker and yell bang bang bang... taged the guy behind that bunker and at the same time fired 4 rounds right into my goggles....

didnt run into him the rest of that night but I did fairly well considering I wasnt even on the same level as some of thoes guys. I remember a few of them saying they were impressed how I would run out from behind cover firing and could hit people.

but thats a rush for sure

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I played this game in it's infancy back in the mid 80's - we played about 2x a month at SC Village in Corona, CA, running against guys like Dave Youngblood Pic - and yes he played in that same suit, and that silver broomhandle....

My first gun was a Gen I PMI Pirhana (7oz CO2 & 12 gram), yes you had to pump it, and pull the trigger every time. No Autotrigger. I eventually graduated to the SI Bushmaster, Still a pump, but it had an auto trigger, interchangable barrels (9" & 14") and 7oz CO2, 12 gram adapter for Stock games :)

My how times have changed. Big business now for sure, technology has progressed this game very quickly.

I believe that I still have my first issue of APG Magazine in storage at mom & dads also

Action Pursuit Games

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600 bucks? 

oo oooooohhh how about a paint shotgun?  Is that even possible? 

And if so make mine a 12 gauge!  :P

Y'know whats kinda funny, is they call them "paintball shotguns" but they are all just pump action single shot, .68 (or some other odd paintball caliber) caliber paintball guns.

I did however see a 9mm M4, with 20mm m203 both for paintballs/paint 'nades. Thats cool! :rocky: They got all kinds of real gun like paintball guns. Ive seen the 9mm usp paintball, beretta 9mm PB handguns, ak 47, mp5, and tons more...

look here


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