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What'd you get for Christmas?


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got a cheap jacket with america across the back ... but I dont care if its cheap. I like it.

looks like this http://img355.imageshack.us/img355/2404/ya7kn.jpg

Cologne, more cloathes. beef jerky <- best stocking stuffer ever.

some hippy glases ... cause its fun to look like a hippy sometimes.

oh a CD repair kit too.

not to bad like most of it.

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Z-Board (with the default keyset and default gaming keyset. Plus, the person that bought it for me also got me the Z-Board Doom 3 keyset)

Private number plates. Can't put them on my car yet though - I've gotta go down to Exeter to transfer the documents and road tax over to my new number plate etc.

Got some other things too, and I haven't even opened all my presants yet....

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Shower Gel (3 of 'em)

Deoderant (Also three) (No one can think of what to get me....)

Piece by Piece by Katie Melua (It's still on it's way)

The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde (ditto)

New bag for my climbing shoes.

Gregorian Masters of Chant: The Dark Side

Boring really.

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3 cds ( Audioslave , Cross Canadian Ragweed , Gary Allan )

3 DVDs ( Downfall , Stalingrad , Black Hawk Down )

US Army hoody , hat , and keychain

2 shirts

Digital Camera

Squirrel Brand Ole-Fashioned Peanuts

Texas Hold-Em popcorn bin with playing cards and chips

Dallas Cowboys Monopoly Collectors Edition

Numerous stocking stuffers

Random Civil War and WW2 books including one about the Hitler Youth that I should enjoy reading

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something is up....my wife hasn't given anything yet, and I'm not about to ask... :angry:

She got a nice Coach Bag.... <_<

March of the Penguins DVD.... :(

and a $300 Gift Cert for Fry's Electronic Store...can you say 6800GT? Hello DX9c finally!!!!


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digital camera: canon a520

first camera, wanted to give photography a shot, love it so far, not the one i asked for but good none the less....

Family Guy DVD: Stewie the untold story

Spiderman 2 DVD

Bedouin Soundclash: root fire CD, and sounding a mosaic cd

three days grace cd

sand wedge

golf balls

mars volta hoodie

memory card for camera, starters kit for camera

small little things


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