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What Happened to this Map?


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It's something I did years ago. I'll see if I can dust it off.

Very cool!!! So that is different than the Inner City map that papa6 was/is working on. I wasn't sure...the photos look very similar. Excellent.

I'd really love to use it. I wasn't joking about it looking like Grozny...it looks like alot of pictures I've seen of Russian cities in the Kafkas. Whenever you are ready to release it, just send me a PM.


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@ Cob, the original GR airbase map might have some of those signs. I'm sure I've seen some of them around that airbase somewhere....

The airbase map does and I think the Embassy map may have some of them too.

And come to think of it, did I see some speed limit signs or some signs to that extent next to the bridge on the third bridge map (that will be M07, not the railroad bridge map)? Might be worth checking Vilnius and Red Square maps too (easiest thing is look in the map textures folders).

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Good map (so far)  :thumbsup:

A few questions - how big and how compact are the streets etc etc. eg is it only a few streets, or is it a rabbit warren ?

I hope we can impress on u to complete this map and release it  :thumbsup:

It's one of the best urban maps made for GR yet! Last night it just became the western Dagestani city of Khasavyurt and the subject of the new Mission 8 in Chernaya Noch. :thumbsup:

Oh, I have got to stop adding new missions to this mod...it is never going to see release. :wall::D

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