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Many years ago, I wore glasses (bifocals no less) as a kid for about 8 years. When I was 14, the family opthomologist told me I didn't need to wear glasses anymore unless I wanted to to read with them. Well for the past 30 years, I have not worn prescription glasses. That ended today when I got my first pair of of prescription glasses since the last prescription in 1974. I had hoped to keep from having to have them and even said as much to my Mom (who has worn glasses for 50+ years). After Pops had to get reading glasses about 15 years ago, I stated that I hope to never need them again to which Mom replied that I would have to have them again.

Mom was right.

The moral whole moral of this story beside to let everyone know that I got new glasses (trifocals now), is that parents are always right. Thats right kids, much as you like to think that you know better, I will tell you now that you don't. This even applies to those who are my age or older, your parents are always right.

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I will be the first to admit that parents are almost, always right.

But if we, their kids, were never wrong, then how would we ever learn from our mistakes?

Well thats almost impossible... That would make you a perfect human ... :o

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There is always LASIK  man  woot

All infantry units can get lasik for free now ... thats awsome .. or so I was told

I think cinko told me that and I asked on a recruiter chat too

Lasik is for nearsighted people, I am farsighted.

WK, there are procedures now that can fix farsightedness too. My dad is thinking about getting one next February. However, you need to get evaluated for it. Has to do with the pressure on your eyes, and all sorts of other conditions.

I don't know much about this though, but I'll ask my dad again about the details.


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I ain't worried about the farsightedness, matter of fact, I like being able to see farther than most people. I want to see up close clearly.

Sounds like my dad he can see a fly on a cows hide 1000 meters ahead but cant read the paper if his life depended on it

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