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Stardock's Objectdock Icon for GR/GRAW


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ok I've been off this last week and got real bored. but I downloaded stardocks "objectdock 1.2" for winxp which if some don't know, turns your desktop into a windows vista looking desktop. you can add links to games on your harddrive, apps, websites or internal windows features.

Ok what did I do? I took a GRAW picture edited it to be an icon for the object dock

the link direct to the icon is Here (It has a transparent background FYI.)

Next is a screen shot of the icon in action on the objectdock Here So when I click that icon, My Ghost recon starts. I made simple icons for my xfire and teamspeak aside. But you can edit just about everything about each shortcut or link whatever

the reason the icon is big is because the icon your mousepointer is over zooms out. But the icon looks nifty and is fun to use and look at. also it makes your desktop look crackin' :ph34r:

To download this free version of objectdock 1.2 click Here

Just right-mouseclick over the pictures and help yourselves to them for your own use.



P.S. I plan to do more icons from different games soon as a iconpack

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