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Indirect Fire Support for GR-AW

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Has anyone heard or know if Ubisoft will add artillery missions and forward observation to the new version of the game? It seems to me to be an oversight if not. :wacko:

I have mixed feelings on this. I heard our maps are 600 meters x 600 meters.

I can tell you that in indian country past 600 meters, it is safer to use indirect fire weapons (arty) or possibly CAS if you have the support. You don't always have CAS assets available. The reason I prefer to call for fire ona target past 600m is, if your men start popping off rounds at a target they can't hit (700 meters is tough with 5.56 and cross wind) then the enemy will just call for fire on your position, using your muzzle flash to locate you. Your fuc#ed. At this point, you are now on the defense, and all you can do is move out of the impact zone into cover/concealment, and call for counterbattery fire, if you have it. Our enemy is very proficient with mortars, and exposing your position ffrom a great distance is the same as giving up your license to fog up a mirror.

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Being an FOO isnt so bad anyway, you get to keep out of the way while all the Arty is being cleaned and once your out in the field you dont have to see anyone for weeks sometimes, you can do pretty much what you like, as long as you bring the fire down when its needed, cushy job.. :wub:

Of course you have to hump all the gear you need on your back and cover miles on foot, unless someones feeling generous and lets you jump in a chopper, but dont count on it... :rolleyes::hmm:

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