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A Good Question Missed

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Ok so we have a sum up of what we are to expect of the game and they want to find out some detail of what we want of expansions, but WOW hold tight, No one has accally metioned anythink at all about modding?

From when I remember all the excitment from Ghost Recon 2 coming out, I heard tails that the modding would be more easyer to customise with the features they where putting in for the pc version so if they have carried the project on what is happing with modding?

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<KS-Grizzli[ModoFR]> Will you provide a SDK?

[ +Ulf ] We cannot reveal that information as of now, but it's in the works. =)

I personally had a much more detailed modding question that was not asked "in the open". However, they most likely would not have answered it at this time.

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Session Start: Thu Dec 01 11:03:31 2005

Session Ident: Ryosan

[11:04am] <RatoN> all at once or one Q at the time?

[11:04am] [11:04am] <Ryosan> one at a time, but you can post all of them here

[11:05am] <RatoN> Question from Prozac

[11:05am] <RatoN> - to Bo or Ulf

[11:05am] <RatoN> -1. Will modding be a highlight of GRAW, Not just maps I mean total conversions.

As you can see, we did ask that question at the dev chat session 4 days ago.

But it never made it to the ''final cut'' of the questions asked to the devs.

Or was it Bo and Ulf who didn't want to answer that question? Or was it Math who said no?

Anywho, next time :devil:

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