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Down in a hole!


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Hello Chaps,

I'm writing a mission (well, written it really). It's the 2nd mission in (hopefully) my first real campaign. :)

I've done all the basic testing and am now live testing (and hitting F6 every now and then just in case).

But when I hit load last save I restart UNDERGROUND!

What the? :blink:

Then I CTD as my platoon is out of the playing area.

Please tell me that someone has experienced this and has a solution (other than start again that is) :wacko:

Any help in this matter would be very much appreciated :please:

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It's happened umpteen times to all of us, yes i mean ALL of us. And it can also happen on ANY mission. Some say it's due to the size of the mission, others say it's due to the number of models that need to be loaded all over again when u hit F7. Anyway, it's a problem that we all share our annoyance with.

Thanks for the reply mate :thumbsup:

And I thought I was just using the wrong deodorant or something!

I don't recall this happening on the original missions (although lets face it they are not hard enough to require quick save anyway) :whistle:

I think I'll try hiding some bad guys from the game world and maybe showing them via zones.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction ;)

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