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start heroes in campaigns?

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Is it possible to start a campaign with the heroes already unlocked by the first mission?  If so - how? 

If not how to I make it so it unlocks them in a certain order - such as I would like Munz first, then gordon, etc?

why do you want to do that m8?

it´s no problem to that.

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almost every campaign has it´s own individual heroes file.

for ex. IT has a file called c_unlockedhero.xml.

the files in the PC environment are located in the GR folder.

(i think so)

i did a small search at this forum, i strongly recommend you to do the same

when you have questions.

in most cases the thing/things you look for has been up before.


stalker wrote:

write this in the Unlockedheroes.xml (open with notepad)

For IT:









For DS








hope this can of any help.

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If you modify the UnlockdHeroes.xml to unlock all the specialists, they will only be unlocked for all quick fight modes. In single player, "they have to be unlocked as you advance through the missions and only one per mission".... As BK already said. Once you complete all of the "X" objectives (normally one of those per mission) in campaign mode, you will unlock a specialist.


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