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GDC Sandbox: Soldiers Holiday

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I've been sending the tribute off to various sites and I encourage you to do the same. I'm just hoping that the tribute gets viewed by those who it is dedicated to. I'll be posting any responses I get to share with you guys ... here's the first ...

Rob....  What a WONDERFUL tribute.  I have indeed placed a link on my page for your tribute.  May God keep our men and women safe this Christmas and in the coming New Year.

Elle Rowley

Christmas Tribute to the U.S. Military

(link is in the upper left corner)

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once again Nice Job, and thanks to you and all for doing this im sure that those who are away and those missing them will both appricate this.

Thank you halo and Dannik as well ... if it weren't for you too, I'd still be downloading the raw voiceover file right now! :blink:

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More feedback ... :)


Thank you for your email.

I would just like to personally thank you from all of us at goarmy.com. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts over the holidays.

Again, thank you for taking the time to think about the soldiers now.


Mrs. Nadica Jimenez

Cyber Recruiter

United States Army Recruiting Command

Email: Nadica.Jimenez@usarec.army.mil   


Being a Soldier strengthens you today and for the future because the Army develops your potential through relevant and challenging training, shared values and personal experience. Soldiers consistently take pride in making a difference for themselves, their families and the Nation.

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It may be my bad eyes, and I certainly don't want to be too critical, but does that say "GT Weakly"?

I'm just waiting on a fixed version and we'll get this movie on the news page at a couple of mirrors.

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As stated ...

However, with an effective runtime of 198 seconds, I had to significantly limit the number of tributes to be showcased.  We currently have a whopping 35 tributes!!  For each of which I am hugely thankful to the contributors ... but to give each tribute a respectable showtime of just over 10 seconds meant that only 19 tributes would be showcased.  Doubtless, any and all who contributed their time, whether in tributes, voiceover or editing the voiceover will be credited.

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Author unknown (sorry, only an email) ...

That is a great tribute.  It really touches you when you listen and watch the

pictures.  Great Job.  To help you out i will put your banner of some of my

pages.  Have A Merry Christmas

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