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Question for you guys who saw the multiplayer....


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Let me try this again. You guys who went to get a look at the multiplayer at Red Storm are the ones I'm asking...ZJJ, Hatchetforce etc...

In the single player videos I have seen when you walk up to wall, rock, half wall or whatever a icon pops up giving you the option to take cover behind it by hitting a certain button. Is this also the case with the multiplayer? Is it in there or not.

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Sorry, I didn't see this thread earlier... was at work all day yesterday.

When the MP demo was going on I never saw a pop up window that gave options about taking cover. However, they were using objects to take cover behind when playing.

It is possible that the pop up messages are a choice that can be turned on and off. If so, those demonstrating wouldn't need the pop ups with all the experience they've had playing.

Hope that helps.

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