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hey need help with weapons


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That would be in your kit files mate...here's an example.




<Firearm SlotNumber = "0">





<ThrownItem SlotNumber = "1">






You need to make an rsb image of your weapon, with alpha layer, and place it in the Shell/Art/Kit folder of your mod. In the above example the .rsb is named xm8_frag.rsb.

Easiest way of doing it is to first take a look at one of the original kit textures and duplicate what they look like.

Edit: Here's the 2 layers used in the above kit texture.

RGB Layer


Alpha Layer


Oh...and here's a hint of how to easily make the alpha layer. Change your environment settings in 3dsm to a all white background and change the Global Lighting: Tint: to black. Any render you make now will end up with a black model on white background. Render and save your image, remember to put the environment settings back to what they were before, then open the image in photoshop and invert it. Voila....white gun on black background.

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