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Deer Hunter 2005 Season


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I'm really into my Deer Hunter 2005 season which is quite enjoyable. I can setup a stand and overlook expanses of land and call deer into to my location. I also can see what I'm aiming at through my scope(until I learn what animal is which. Have a look at a fairly good sized Doe deer as I see it through my scope.


Another of a basic view while using rut antlers to make bucks think there's a battle between two other bucks. they will instinctively come for a closer look. BTW, this is of the Utah map during the Rut(prime season for deer hunting)


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There's some blood, wouldn't call it gore. :P

Sure Papa I'd be glad to go hunting with you or anyone that has the game, just give me shout either here or at Red Sector.

Goose you should be able to find a copy at any local Dept store, toy store or Software store. It's around $20 probably less, I think the last time I seen it it was only 14.95.

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I tried the demo just before i went out ... its great! .. Theres a picture i posted in the Picture thread ..

Surprisingly i like this game, reminds me of Ghost recon somehow .. a horse classed as a vehicle ?.. :rofl: ....1 break horse power :yes: ...

The Grafix are nice as well .. Something relaxing to do after a bit of remixing on the GR Unit Productions ..

I'll look for a copy nightcrawler thanx for the quote ... :thumbsup:

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:rofl:  This looks pretty cool ... where can i get this game?..    :D

any gore?.. or is it just ragdoll..  :unsure:



Got my copy Here

Fast processing and fast delivery. it's not a fast paced game but good to practise sniping or whatever

BTW I noticed in SP mode(there's a MP mode as well, but only SP mode offers "bullet camera when you have a good aim and the target is somewhat close. How close? not sure. but you can see your bullet fly and hit it's mark

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I'm shooting 10 point bucks with more frequency now. but just listening to the wind and watch the trees and the other animals go about their business is quite relaxing after a hard day at work. :)

I made a custom 7mm autoloader with a 4x12 scope. she does nicely

Added: I found a pretty good site with numerous custom made maps for the game Here

more pages than I can count of maps made for DH2005. some are real nice

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Ah, go and buy the game you cheapskate! :P

Well with the demo I played with the one map and I was hunting for 3 hours solid ... this is realy good stuff. Sniffs of GR1 recon come to mind. Good sound & graphics of forrest are superb ... I put graphic settings on ultra and my card seems to handle it realy well.

Think Im going to get a copy of this if I can get it.

.... Hmmmmm ... seems thin on the ice in th U.K to get this. I did find second hand sellers in UK amazon has it as "Deer Hunter" with no box art and the second hand sellers refer to "Deer Hunter V 5" .... is V5 basicly 2005 edition??

Any tips on a U.K person on where to get this? Tips on UK outlets or online stores that ship to UK. I did goto Atari US site but it didnt seem like they ship here (and the price is usual the most).

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Since my last post I played it a bit more (another 3 hours!) ... I got the graphic settings up to ultra all bar water reflection and ran it at 1600x1200 and its plays realy well! So now it looks totaly amazing graphicly, very immersive & used headphones this time ... great sound too GR1 style :)

I tried with storm weather and the random weather effect is realy fluid compared to many games. I then further sussed the camera detector and used that on a hunt along with food etc. I set a camera and circled the area & put out food. It took some time before the camera detected movement ... checked the camera & sure enough 2 deer were sniffing around ... got close in and *bam* hit one direct with great bullet cam shot in the neck (poor thing LOL).

A few tries before this (without finding much at all for a looong time) I hit a deer from a little too far away and tad too quick on deciding to do so and it ran ... It then claimed I over bagged!? ... then 3 mins later I stumbled over a dead deer that had blood trails leading up to where it was blead out died, then I realised it was the one I managed to shoot (but didnt realise i hit it) but died later ... I thought that was pretty nifty :thumbsup: . I tried thermal scope too & im gagging to play a night hunt (cant in demo).

I skipped this thread a number of times thinking that it wouldnt be all that for a game and graphics probably wouldnt be to great or convincing ... I was wong.

Since ive set the graphic levels and sussed other kit im completely hooked ... now all i need to do is find where to purchase the damn game in the UK!

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You do it basicly in photoshop, templates are actualy in the games install under :

(drive):\Program Files\Atari\Deer Hunter 2005\Tutorial\examples

rets are in that folder (basic templates) - they are .png format so any paint software or photoshop you can load em in ... layer up and start playing around. I got some ideas and traceable parts from googling images with "reticle" search keyname .. loads of templates that although are low res you can trace and expand on/copy ideas.

save back as .png in the folder :

(drive):\Program Files\Atari\Deer Hunter 2005\Game\Weapons\Reticles

then add a text file with this contents:

DontReduce       = TRUE;

DontCompress     = TRUE;

MaxMipMaps       = 1;

OnlyAlpha        = TRUE;

and save the text file in the same place although name it the exact same name as the file name you gave the reticle .png file and rename text files extension to " .tex " so it can be seen in the game.

Go into game and under custom on weapons flip the ret to the image that you saved / it picks up and use that as default for any scopes used.

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Bran new video's (first for a game) I created using footage of an exciting hunt a few days ago. While editing it sort of turned into a trailer for the game, enjoy :)




Software Used



Adobe Premiere

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Audition

Windows MovieMaker

DH2005 Map used


Rob (Dutchman) Krijins - Central India

** Download Robs maps they are superb:


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