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IDE Configuration


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Please bear with this newbie. :stupid:

In my current system I have two hard drives and a DVD drive and CDRW drive.

My question is regarding the optimum configuration of the IDE channels and how the drives are connected. Currently I have a 27GB hard drive as the master and a 120GB (2 partitions) as the slave on one IDE channel. The second IDE channel has the DVD as the master and the CDRW as the slave.

Everything works just fine. I am really asking this question for when I build my new system (in a few months I hope). My plans are to use the 120 GB drive as the master (40GB for my "C" drive and an 80GB partition for digital video editing) and the 27GB as the slave (downloads, MP3s, etc). Should I use this configuration or have each hard drive as the master with one of the optical drives as a slave on each. Or buy an IDE PCI card and have the two optical drives on their own channel?

Your input and advice, as always, is welcomed and greatly appreciated.



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Keep the hard drives on the primary IDE channel and the optical drives on the secondary IDE channel. Remember that when you build your new system that you will be better off reformatting and repartioning your drives before you install all the drivers for your new hardware (It seems as that is what you will be doing as you will be making 2 partitions on your 120GB HD.)

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