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1) Bot Hunt Bots:

X69RZX's enemy Bots would be very cool to add into your missions. I've seen only one mission where the Bots were used along with "normal" tango AI. It was a mission created by MEDIC ! from Alpha Squad. He was the only person I was ever able to get through to to try the Bots out in an existing mission. If I can find the file, I'll send it to you. The only problem is, the Bots max out the file size for IGOR. You have to use just a "few" of them. But they can be added to existing missions (with some effort).

GR.net Bothunt download link:


It really is a shame that no one picked up on the BoHunt Bot work for new mods and missions. :no:

X69RZX is a very nice guy and would most likely answer any questions about his Bot work.

2) Random Objectives:

The only person that I know of that should know a lot about randomized missions is harntrox (check out Mission HX). I'm sure there are others who have done some sort of randomized mission work as well. I guess a PM to hartrox would go a long way.


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