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Looks like things are Moving


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GR:AW - "King Kong expansion pack" ...  :D

Hahahaha seriously ... who does this guy think he is??? ###### batman???

The only thing missing is a subtitle title ... F3AR ME!!!

Well, it seems to me that this soldier is on a search and destroy mission. By all appearances, it appears he's on a metallic object...A trash dumpster!?! maybe. He could be just dumpster diving. :whistle:

if it were iraq i'd say he was scaling one of the many courtyard walls, not sure about Mexico. i think the "pose" is just fine because it doesn't look like a pose at all. i would be upset if it were a pose.

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One thing people need to remember is that while the speeds sound slower between a DVD and a CD, 4X compared to 52X, thefact is the CD is actually slower.

We're talking data transfer speeds, right? That's what's important. Whiteknight is correct -- three times the info per pit. However, it doesn't end there. Each "speed" (2X, 4X, 8X, etc.) is actually three times the rotational speed of a CD players' noted speed. Thus, each speed on a DVD player is producing roughly 9 times the data transfer of a speed on a CD drive -- 1350 kB/s for DVD vs. 150 kB/s for CD.

Or more simply put: an 8X DVD drive is transferring data at the same rate as a (though it doesn't exist) 72X CD drive.

CD drives are definitely slower.


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LOl discussing loadingt times at this level of detail?? >> How many times do you expect to have to load it in a week???

Hell, if it meant I could get my hands on it now I would take it on 2500 3" floppy's and spend my xmas holidays loading it!!!!!!!!! :lol::lol::lol:

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