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Looking for a good MP3 Player


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I am looking at the creative zen micro. Very cool mp3. Its about 220 CAD, and its 5MB. My firned has one, and its really cool. They come in like 12 diff colours too.

To put songs in it though, you need mp3's or wma's on your computer. Either by downloading :nono: or ripping off cds :yes:

If you didnt already know, you can use windows media player to put songs from a cd on your pc, and from there you just plug in the hardware (mp3 player) and drag and drop the songs onto the mp3.

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Dont get an ipod ..

Go for IHP or Archos ... Those are pretty good makes .. Not sure about the latest ones ..

Search on E-bay for cheaper buys, reviews & previews and some quotes on cha-ching!

Need songs & albums?... Torrent is ya best friend!.. Trust! :thumbsup: Hit me up for some links ..


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I'd get an iPod if I was you. And I'd say that the 30GB one would be easily enough for most people.

Don't bother with the nanos though - too expensive for what you get IMO.

I've had an iPod mini for a while now, I'd definitely recommend. :thumbsup:

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