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odd facts


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Goldfish go white if you keep them in the dark!

Sean Connery entered the Mr Universe Competition when he was 21 and came unplaced!

There are more rats in the UK than people!

The only musical instrument to originate in America in the Banjo!

Japenese Women used to paint their teeth black to attract women!

In Italy touching your ear is an insult!

The Eskymo languge has 20 words for snow!

Apples,Onions and potatoes all taste the same..it's only thier smells which make us think otherwise!

Its impossible to lick your own elbow!

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There are more rats in the UK than people!

Here in NYC the rats out number the people, by a ridicoulus amount, something like 20 to 1(if not more) and NYC has around 8 million people, now thats alot of rats :(:(

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