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Funny you should mention that, I just saw this on usenet about 3 hours ago. I miss read the discussion and thought it was a pay thing, but now I see it is free I'll give it a go :D

I have installed Google Analytics, but all or some of my data is missing

>from my reports.


>Update: 2:01 AM PST. Friday, November 18th, 2005


>Currently, report updating for Google Analytics is experiencing delays. As

>a result, you may not be seeing any data in your reports even after

>implementing the Analytics tracking code.


>We are currently in the process of updating all reports. You should be

>able to see these updates in 24 hours. While this is going on, you may

>notice different reports updating at different rates. Once this process

>has completed, all data should be restored to your profiles. Please be

>assured that this update process has no effect on data collection.


>We apologize for any inconvenience. This reporting delay is associated

>with unexpected demand for Google Analytics. Under normal circumstances,

>the data in your reports will be at most 24 hours old.

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Here's a wierd thing, I went to sign up and in the drop down box for entering your region (you know the thing that always starts with United States and then lists every other country in alpha order), there is no United Kingdom listed... ######?

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Well, I added the tracking code to the news page yesterday, and today the stats centre still says

The Google Analytics tracking code has not been detected on your website's home page.

If anyone gets it to work, lemme know.

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maybe this could help (?)

Update: 2:01 AM PST. Friday, November 18th, 2005

Currently, report updating for Google Analytics is experiencing delays. As a result, you may not be seeing any data in your reports even after implementing the Analytics tracking code.


from the help forum

7. Sparky

16 nov 20:16  afficher les options

Dedicated's problem is not the data not appearing, his problem is that

the code checker claims that there is no code at all.


8. Andy Dietler

16 nov 20:27  afficher les options

I have 4 sites listed. 2 had the data checker work right away, the

others took 24 hours just to get the data checker working. But they all

work now. Just wait it out, I imagine everything will be running fine

in a couple of days and it appears that they are getting all the page

views logged so your data will all show up.



9. Gilles Arbour

16 nov 20:55  afficher les options

I understand Sparky, but that's what it was telling me too. Yet my code

was just fine and Google finally picked it up.

Even if you guys get it to work, you won’t get any info from it soon. They did not anticipate the volume.

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Did anybody manage to find the link that lets you add another website to track? I could not see it in the place it was meant to be.

According to the site, they've temporarily suspended the addition of sites, until they can deal with existing demand.

Is it working yet?

It certainly seems to be, finally.

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Hello Google Analytics User,

This is a quick update to address some issues you may be seeing

in your Google Analytics account and what we're doing to respond.

First, due to extremely high demand, we've temporarily limited

the number of new signups as we increase capacity. This allows

us to focus on our primary objective--to provide a great user

experience for our existing users.

Next, here is current information on the most common questions

we're receiving:

1. The 'Check Status' button is being reworked to check for

properly installed tracking code. This should be fixed by the

end of November.

2. The '+Add Profile' link has been temporarily removed until

we increase capacity. We'll alert all current users when the

feature is restored.

3. While we increase capacity, you may see longer than normal

delays in data showing up in your reports. All data continues

to be collected and no data has been lost.

For additional help with your Google Analytics account, we

encourage you to browse or search our online Help Center at


Thanks for your patience as we improve Google Analytics and add

resources to ensure a high-quality service.


The Google Analytics Team

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Mine has started tracking now. So all I need is for them to start accepting new accounts again and I can put my evil plan into action and expose the horrible flaw in this otherwise great looking service :devil:

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