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GDC III: Tribute to Soldier


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I just wanted to say THANKYOU to all who contributed to the tribute...

Long time reader of the .net but an ol-fogie who doesn't usually post...well I registered just so I could offer a warm appreciation for what's been done here...

Every year about this time me and my Army buddy Bear remember some friends that were lost in Panama and Mogadishu (I was in 82d, he was in 10th MTN)... this site and the friendly bunch that run it have always been soldier appreciative whatever their politics or nationality...

Thanks again,

-Morgan (SAPPER A/307)

Thanks for the kind words Morgan. Remember this, many here are either former or currently in the military of many nations. I can think of at least 5 on staff that are either active or former military, myself included. I want to say that we do have a special affection for our brothers and sisters no matter which country they have served.

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