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I'm currently playing "Trophy hunter 2003 ". Trophy Hunter 2003 is a single or MP online game whereby you can select what items to take along in your hunt. .308? .338? 30-36? or even a muzzleloading blackpowder exists. You can select from 5 or 6 different huge maps. some are better for mountain goats, some for ELK. but you get a good variety in there.

ok the games graphics aren't the best in comparison to todays great games, but when you meet friends online for a friendly hunting trip, good times abound. I'm really looking into "deer hunter 2005" before too long as it has superb graphics in contrast to the games listed above and still can be played online.

$19.95 is what the going price is for a game that brings back some old days of hunting for me.

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Yeah, nice not having to look around to see if some noob is trying to nail you. I will usually find a hilltop and scan a valley over. It's exciting to see a huge 600lbs plus elk buck walking along or even reacting to my calls.

Lastnight I had 2 clean kills and got the extra bonus points for it.

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