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You Play GR Too Much When


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You visit GR.net to much when, meaning to go to Google, you type "www.g" or simply "g" in the address bar, and subconsciously you click on the GR entry that comes up rather than Google. :)

That happens to me all the time :lol:

I used to play so much that when I was walking down the street I'm sure I could still see the reticule, like it was burned into my eyes...

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Back in the days of OGR here's something that I used to do quite a bit:

It would be in the middle of the night and my girlfriend would try to get up to go to the bathroom I would push her back down because, according to my gf, I would tell her in my sleep she didn't need to go there as I had already placed a sensor there.

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Oh well, i can't control myself... hav to repl tooooooo topc...

LMAO best, funniest and most insane i ever seen LOL i fitted 1 of them, and that was the 1 on :P The one with V and dark rooms :D Oh well, the children briefing thing, with map and 4 objectives was also on of the bests

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You memorized all of the original campaign voiceovers and use them in everyday speech.


Temperatures get down to freezing cold, it was almost 60 degrees out today :shifty: So I said,

"Cold, cold, too cold for me."

" That just hit the nail on the hammer,

... Waiting for the hammer! "

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I know, old thread, but I had to make another addition. All of these are things I've actually done recently:

1. Diagram formations, entry plans, and team movement techniques for your clan on a napkin at a restaurant.

2. Reply to a question with "hooah" out of habit.

3. Instinctively say "Mic check" after someone says "I'm ready".

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Someone (It may have been Marcinko or Ruin) on these boards posted years ago that went something along the lines of this, in the original "You know you play too much GR" thread, I think:

I was walking through really thick fog the other morning, and I muttered, "Can't see squat in this fog." Someone walking past me muttered back, "We can't see them, they can't see us."


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