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You Play GR Too Much When


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Fourth thread, and 326 reasons strong! :) Good work everyone!

The original list came from XRW and XRW Hotdog introduced them to our fourms. The original thread can be found here, the second thread here and the third thread here.

I went ahead and reupdated the list so here they are!


You know you have been playing too much Ghost Recon when...

1) You start straifing down the grocery store aisle

2) You dodge from cover to cover in a parking lot

3) You try to hit the V key when you enter a dark room

4) You try to flank the waiter on his way back to the kitchen

5) You try to use your peripheral vision to see farther

6) You say "fricking campers" under your breath when solicitors catch you sneaking in past them at Wal-Mart's

7) You say the same thing after unsuccessfully sneaking out.

8) You peek around corners first.

9) You can take a pee, wash your hands, make a sandwich and grab a soda all in less than a minute and a half

10) Your computer is tuned to reboot in that time as well.

11) Instead of laughing at a friends joke, you LOL.

12) After you are done having sex you say "good game"

13) When your boss at work catches you taking an extra smoke break, you think he was glitching in the and that's how he found you.

14) Every time you watch Black Hawk Down, you feel the need to jump on your computer to play GR.

15) When someone takes your last beer you yell Murphy.

16) You see a puff of smoke outside and make a mad dash for it.

17) You know more clan names then friends and family members names

18) When you pick up the phone and say: can you guys hear me?

19) You actually duck for cover when you are getting shot at on GR

20) You fall backwards out of chair when you get hit and you yell "I'M HIT!!!"

21) When you are at work in your office working on a spreadsheet and you think that someone is close by you hit the Map key to look for red dots...

22) You refer to getting dressed as kitting up.

23) Your girlfriend is always telling you that you play too much is a dead giveaway.

24) Every time you kill a moth you yell "enemy down"

25) During intimate moments you say things like, "at all costs" or "taking a look around"

26) Every time you see your boss from a distance you think "Tango in sight"

27) You make posts about playing ghost recon too much

28) You actually get exhausted from running a long distance in the game.

29) In bed your wife says "Man down"

30) You reply "He's hidin? in the bush"

31) You refer to chicks you meet in a bar as "new player"

32) Your girlfriend catches you talking to said "chicks" and you swear she?s using the "vertigo" cheat.

33) You follow your wife to bed and say "I?ve got your six"

34) Family time is when your wife joins you in TS

35) Every time some one knocks on your door you hear "New Player"

36) Every time you hear a car back fire you yell "Taking fire"

37) You refer to your kids as "Tangos"

38) When your mother-in-law slips and falls you say "Enemy Down"

39) When your wife hears you, you say "Medic"

40) You keep finding new excuses to spend as much money on your pc to play Ghost Recon

41) You refer to bed bugs as team killers.

42) When you're tired you say you've got lag.

43) You start to think that this game provides good training for real world situations.

44) There are more cigarette butts then cd's near your computer.

45) When you think someone is close u look for an elbow sticking out of the wall.

46) You are telling stories with the boys at the bar (all bragging) and only thing you can brag about is I got 32 kills on gr last night.

47) "Hey baby, how 'bout you 'n me kick it in a sub 50 ping server?"

48) (After she slaps you) "How 'bout a lil' teamspeak action then?"

49) You try to pee "semi-auto" in the morning for better accuracy.

50) You announce, "blind fire" after missing anyway...

51) Your wife screams "friendly fire!" after she discovers this the hard way.

52) You prefer 12oz cans "cuz they got a faster reticule".

53) You complain about Russian beers not having enough zoom.

54) You refer to your wireless keyboard/mouse as "sniper kit 4"

55) You call the ######-kisser at the office "a potential TK'er..."

56) When u cant get to the coffee machine, and wish you had a grenade for room clearance

57) When walking around outside, you keep looking for sniper holes

58) When you spend most of your morning posting GR tactics on a forum

59) You keep hitting left shift to find where the boss is!

60) Towards the end of the day you keep hitting 'B' to see how long is left before you dash for the car park!

61) Your wardrobe has your clothes arranged in 'kits'.

62) You try to hit "R" instead of reaching for your glasses.

63) The food dripped on your desk from three nights ago matches the food on you shirt you're wearing right now. (go ahead look down, you know who you are)

64) I , um, You run a beer tap to your desk.

65) When you see a hot chick in the street you say 'target acquired'

66) When she turns you down you say 'target lost'

67) When her boyfriend rounds the corner you say 'enemy at 10 o'clock'

68) When he thumps you, you say 'Under fire'

69) When your seeing stars you also see 'team member out of action'

70) You're walking down a corridor, and lean around a corner, to see if any 'tangos' are there.

71) Your outlook on 'shopping' is 'Go in, get it, get out.'

72) You are a crack shot with every gun available to mankind, but can't pick up a date to save your life.

73) When you are sitting in Physics class, you start to calculate ballistics info.

74) You can spot a chamelon anywhere, but can't seem to turn off the computer, and take out GR.

75) When your 'friends' ask you how your day was, you recount your latest GR mission.

76) You won't sleep until you finish Xmission without any casualties.

77) Your house is decked out in Camo.

78) You own 10 different army camos, but not one suit.

79) You instinctively go prone when you see a 'tango'

80) The other day while driving with my son, I saw a police officer along the side of the road and whispered, "contact"

81) You want to write a book about your experiences with the Ghosts and you want to add pictures of you and fellow commands in it

82) Whenever playing football, you look at your teammates and say to yourself "Right, no shooting blue"

83) You have dreams about how you're going to rescue the POWs from that camp.

84) While on a dull date, you sketch battle plans on a cocktail napkin. You then use a piece of the same number, and give her your IP address as you telephone number.

85) You've downloaded all the GR and Rainbow Six MP3 music and listen to it.

86) You've read every single Tom Clancy book.

87) You refer to Tom Clancy as *GOD*

88) You refer to GR as *GOD*

89) You want a job at UBI.

90) All you play are Clancy games.

91) You don't believe that the real world is REAL.

92) Yea, so when people ask me how my off days were I really do think of my last mission

93) You copied the .wav files of the GR theme music and burned it to a CD that you play in you car, house, *coughworkcough*, etc...

94) When you meticulously examine every computer tweak and setting thinking, "How is this going to improve my GR gaming." or when every piece of hardware you upgrade to is somehow related to GR.

95) Your power button is right by your bed. You wake up press the button, go to the loo, come back, log on and at 11pm go to sleep after a days worth of playing.

96) You apply ghost recon tactics when paintballing...

97) You start seeing a reticule develop in your vision...

98) You just start seeing in pixels

99) You insist on putting your beverage in an olive drab colored canteen!

100) When you start reciting the Ghost's Creed at random parts in the day or at meal time (a.k.a. chow time)...or in my case, say the Ranger Creed three times a day! (I really do!)

101) You actually believe that someday you will get to meet Will Jacobs or Austra G...

102) You?re playing gta3 and all you want to do is frag every hallway, and snipe from the bushes...

103) Your wife or significant other ###### you off and you yell ######!!!

104) She shoots down for sex again and you say under your breath "TK'r"

105) "You map out each part of an M16 in CAD"

106) "Thinks this qualifies you a job at UBI Soft"

107) "Stand still in the store and swear you saw an enemy behind the coats"

108) "Refer to your clothes as BDUs"

109) "Align your computer perfectly with the sun so you get no glare"

110) "Avoids sitting in bath tub saying 'Too Deep'"

111) "Walks through a door squatting"

112) "Yell 'Cheaters' when cars cut you off"

113) When you are asked where you are taking your vacation, you reply with your favorite Ghost Recon map

114) Your girlfriend dumps you because she thought that you called her Susan and her name is not Susan

115) When you drive by farmland and you think of all the good sniper positions you can have...

116) In general, suffer signs and symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder without having been anywhere near Vietnam, Grendada, Panama, Somalia, Iraq or any real war.

117) Waking up at night in a cold sweat knowing that an Ethiopian Soldier is coming down the hall.

118) Looking at people on the street and thinking, "Ha, a Demo Expert." Hmpf, a support specialist."

119) Ducking for cover or reaching for a c key when you hear a car backfire because you know a nade is coming.

120) Visiting gun stores in town demanding that they special order an OICW, tell them their full of it when they say they don't make them yet, "Look buddy, I've been using one for over a year now, so don't give me your..."

121) Not voting or going anywhere near polling centers because there are always bad guys in there.

122) Looking for sensors on ebay. They don't have them EITHER?

123) Looking at familiar things and getting flashbacks: Gilligans Island isn't the same anymore because you know there is a tunnel inside and somebody's camped in there. The Grand Canyon isn't the same because you know there's a sniper on the other side. And heaven forbid if you have to go down to the docks for anything. Especially at night.

124) If you're deployed and your wife copies and emails you GR news.

125) You randomly put your Co2 tank on your paintball gun and fire it because it sounds better than making the gun noise yourself

126) Family member/friend asks you a question and you reply 'Copy' or 'Roger' and you're nowhere near your mike.

127) When using a computer my fingers automatically go for the a w s d keys...

128) Someone asks you how far away something is and you give the distance in klicks.

129) You can name 50 assault rifles, snipers rifles, pistols, shotguns etc and state their ammo capacity and round size.

130) Whistling the GR theme tune whilst driving.

131) When you enter a room, you have a vision of yourself running down the far wall holding a sa80 and shouting 'clear!' at the end.

132) You have an urge to buy a leg pistol holder just for the feel of it being there.

133) When walking round town or a shopping centre etc you suspect EVERYONE is a bad guy.

134) Have dreams or sleepless nights sometimes after a great mission or firefight, replaying it over and over in my head whilst formulating new strategies and plans of attack

135) I have actually burned a CD of Ghost Recon and other R6 and RS music.

136) Your hand stays in a permanent cramp from clinching the mouse too tight in tense situations.

137) When you see people walking down the street and part of what you see is the crosshairs on them.

138) Everywhere you go you start thinking of ways you would attack or defend the area.

139) You have GhostRecon.net set as your homepage.

140) How about if you removed everything but your OS and GR from your computer just so you could have room for more mods.

141) You have Four windows open and all are in various places of GR.net.

142) Between exams you go home to check if "standard upgrade" has been released yet. When you discover it has, you spend your time playing it instead of studying for you next exam!

143) Have dreams where I?m holding my house from the enemy in my front yard

144) Have considered "decorating" my new home office in olive drab canvas or camo netting

145) "You call the new guy at work def_player"

146) "While sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office, some one asks you to pass a magazine and you reach for your belt."

147) "When you get deployed to Afghanistan (Real Life) and you check to see what the Taliban are ranked.

148) When someone tries to talk to you while you are playing, everyone hears you on TS cause you think you need to press the Talk Button

149) You replace your windows start up sound with the GR theme song.

150) Your wife tells you dinner is ready and you tell her you have to wait for reinforcements to arrive.

151) When you see your ex-wife, you shout, ?got a tank? or ?got armor?.

152) When you see a couple protesters you think, ?got non-combatants?.

153) When your wife or lover screams at you for going anal you shout, ?to deep?.

154) When you get up in the morning and take a leek and accidentally hit your leg you shout, ?cease fire?.

155) When you finish making love you scream, ?huah?.

156) When a woman slaps you, you cry out, ?hold your fire? or ?watch your fire? or ?Murphy, Murphy?

157) When your buddy tosses away an empty beer can you shout out, ?look out, grenade?.

158) When you sleep with a friend?s girl, you think, ?all your base belongs to us?.

159) When you first get on top of your woman, you shout ?in position?.

160) When you are about to shoot while making love your wife stops and says, ?holding position?.

161) When you see a hot babe and she gets out of your view you shout, ?out of site?.

162) When you first go to a bar and notice all the woman are nasty looking you shout out, ?this could get ugly?.

163) When you go to bed you scream, ?taking cover?.

164) When your woman is on top you say, ?were pinned down?

165) You know you played to much GR is when asked to show a family photo album you pull a binder out with nothing but GR screen shots and say "roger that".

166) When you do all your talking to your family through radio even when they are standing in front of you!

167) You think of new clothes, food, etc as mods.

168) When you collect 12 inch action figures and you make a Russian army and American, and British army.

169) When you play wargames. You know those things with the dice, ruler and book? And you try to send guys in as SF teams.

170) You know you are playing too much Ghost Recon when you get that "thousand yard stare"

171) I have a lot of trouble remembering my team chats (short term memory is shot) so I usually jot them down. I always lose that paper or spill liquids on it or ash on it or something. So I found a laminator at the office. Dude, I now got this little card with all my team chats -- color coded mind you -- nice and laminated.

172) 'Roger that'......... has now become a perfectly acceptable socially used phrase....

173) When you spend over 30 hours making your own personal ghillie suit.

174) When you use said ghillie suit to stalk other people you work with.

175) Every time you go to the beach people always ask, why don't you go farther out in the water? You simply reply, "to deep"

176) You are guilty of at least half of these...

177) When you're not sure where you are, so your left pinky instinctively reaches out to hit L-Ctrl.... on your steering wheel.

178) You go to press your TS push to talk button, when your responding to someone in the same room as you.

179) Your word processing software recognized words like NAD, SPAWN, etc

180) When agreeing on where to go for dinner, you say the following to your friends: Operation "Dinner Out" is a go...Over...

181) When you say "Roger That" to your boss...

182) Your idea of "kicking it with friends" is blasting each other with AKs and M16s across a riverbank...

183) When you consider upgrading your DSL line to Cable so you can host more peeps...

184) When you buy a ?700 pc - purely for GR use

185) When you leave your PC on standby instead of shutting down, for quicker restart.

186) When I first sat down to play GR my hair was brown. Now the stress from all the battles has turned my hair gray.

187) Cable is the ventilator that keeps my life pulse *bleeping*....

188) When you have to make a choice between keeping your telephone on, or your DSL just so you can play GR.

189) I remember playing paintball and moving around like in Ghost Recon...

190) I could only be "Standing" "crouched" or "prone"...and when I came up to a 2 foot high ledge...I wondered whether I could go over it

191) When you're finished making love with your partner , you yell "Objective Accomplished"

192) When your Windows log off sound is "Goodbye"

193) When McNamee kills you in a 1 on 1 sniper match you jump so much screaming in pain that the other people in the room turn round and look at you funny.

194) In an earth tremor you say " Enemy Amour in sight"

195) When walking down the street and you hear a sound like hissing air you go to hit the x key and scream "LOOK OUT!"

196) Your idea of Euthanasia is when a MP team mate says, "I?ve got a leg wound" you pull out your side arm and put him out of his misery.

197) When you look at the Reason on your newly received divorce papers only 2 words are listed: Ghost Recon.

198) "Every time a helicopter passes overhead you:

  • Point at it with your 'air' M136 or M249 and start firing (sound effects included)
  • Stand at attention and salute, cause you know the Ghosts are heading out for another mission
  • Sigh deeply cause you wish you were going with them
  • Run for your life, cause you know some modder probably equipped the thing with missiles and a vulcan cannon"

199) Your boss said to bring him the book (or whatever!) and when you have it done ,you wonder why the mission won't end

200) When you want your kids to buy some bread (or whatever) you come up with a briefing, 4 objectives and a map of your hometown.

201) When you can remember a whole list of GR server IP's by heart, but you can't remember where you parked your car 5 minutes ago.

202) When you sit down at your computer, your left hand goes for W, A, S, and D.

203) When your mom calls your house to say hi, and she has to ask you what "Alpha Two, go..." means.

204) You never sleep at night, instead you are patrolling with your HK through the garden

205) You stretch and exercise before playing hoping to have an advantage.

206) You are using a Camelbak to keep you from dehydrating.

207) You tried to get your mother to play

208) Your at work and a new employee asks you how to do something you

reply noob

209) When ever you see a screen shot of a dead ghost you cry.

210) You put a rain coat on to play on rainy maps

211) You take a paintball mask apart just to use the goggles

212) You avoid open fields

213) You know more about modding then your wife or girlfriend

214) When you make a ghillie suit out of old cloths, cloth, and spray paint.

215) You put camo makeup on before you play.

216) You spent more on Ghost Recon then for your girlfriend.

217) You wash your Ghost Recon CD more then yourself.

218) Your LEET machine cost more then your car.

219) When taking a shower in the wee early morning and you caught yourself saying: ?Cold...too cold"

220) When in the Maccas drive through you say...

  • Resupply, this is Alpha1, requesting 2 Big Macs, 1 no pickles, i say again 1 no pickles, 2 Large chips, 2 large fantas and an apple pie over.?
    -When told to drive forward you reply
  • Roger that Resupply, proceeding to pickup at all costs. Out?

221) When you start arranging your wardrobe into 'kits?.

222) You get bad grades on report card and yell "IM HIT!"

223) You stand to the side of doors when u open them

224) You stay away from 2 story hotels because you know there will be tangos around

225) You look at ramps to find glitches on roads and stairs

226) If u see a person dumbfounded and unarmed you bump into him so he will follow you.

227) You get lost walking to your desk or to a room in a building you been in for 2 years but You know your way around each GR map by heart.

228) You have read through the list more than once to see how many more you can own up to today.

229) You take over 100 screen shots on replays that last only 10 minutes

230) When almost kill you get scared to death and start to sweat and breath hard.

231) When surfing the net you look at the left top corner of the screen to see if someone was trying to contact you.

232) You dream about being the person you are playing

233) You have tried to set your feet on fire to be general.

234) You now 2/3 of the clickable smilies by heart on gr.net

235) You sit for hours waiting to see if someone has written back to your post.

236) When You girlfriend closes the entrance to the honny cave, and doesn't speak to You for days...

237) When you make a profert about H&K and about Special Forces in school...

238) When moving down the produce aisle in the store, you go croutched and scan for snipers.

239) You look to avoid "choke points" in the mall.

240) Tom Clancey has a restraining order on you just because you've sent 1000 requests for him to do some recording for the briefings for your really cool "Mod in the works".

241) When you watch movies like "Sniper" and "Platoon" you mumble what kits each actor has.

242) Before farting you mumble "I'm now checking my backblast area"

243) When you cal your manhood your tunnel rat.

244) Wwhen your Girlfriend gets *cough* ready for bed and you say "eyes on".

245) When given time to work on projects for school or work you spend your time reading the GR forums. (history can wait right now).

246) You can find out what your enemies gun is by him firing it 1 or 2 times.

247) You cry any time you see a teddy bear on the ground.

248) Any time you go camping you have an urge for fish.

249) You fear going into banks.

250) You take a sight seeing trip to Moscow to find good hiding spots for the game.

251) You eat your food in rations.

252) You make scaled versions of desert siege maps in your kids sand box.

253) You can name all the Ghost Recon, Desert Seige, and Island Thunder maps in order and name all 4 objectives for each map.

254) You play "hide and seek" with advanced ghost-style tactics.

255) You have the strong urge to blow apart your sister's teddy bear with your pellet gun.

256) When you first begin to watch a recruiting commercial, you think: "Are they advertising MODs now on TV?"

257) You go to your local recruiter to ask them to "put pressure" on RS for an earlier release date for GR2.

258) You atart refering to military movies as actual mod titles (example...you see "GI Jane" and you think "Island Thunder")

259) When you are heading out for the night, for fun on the town, you say to your buds "Ok, so what's the mission briefing and objectives?"

260) You go out and buy a ghillie suit and an airsoft Barret..so you can shoot flies in the house instead of using a swatter...and then your roommate tells you he's/she's about to drop a MOAB on your AO. (thus prooving they ARE looking over your shoulder as you play! Unless they are in the military already in real life)

261) In winter, while your fingers are purple and numb and someone askes "Got frostbite?" you reply that you do...version 2.9 no less! With extra maps, kits and skins! And you're waiting for version 5.8 which is suspose to be double the fun!

262) You've actually pondered getting the GR logo tattooed on the back of your eyelids so that even when your eyes are closed, you wont forget about the game.

263) You start modding

264) You get a "404-server not found" error on all pages other than GR.NET

265) When you actually understand this phrase: The Mod's MoD MOD is mod.

266) You go on the enimies TS server for undercover recon.

267) You have a 5 min speech on why spawn camping is ok.

268) You can pick people off from your spawn when they are in theirs with a mm1 or any grenade launcher.

269) You take screen shots of every time you or another person is injured in the head and make a big picture listed of the cut out soilder card.

270) When working on mods you join a TS server for the comedy in it.

271) When playing you hear an argument on TS between two team members with the topic of why his team mate should of went to the bathroom before the mssion started.

272) You memorized all your friend's quick keys when they kill someone.

273) Your ghost recon CD hasn't left the cd drive in 5 weeks.

274) You camo up (green up) when you go to the park.

275) When in a crowded place you tap the person in front of you and say you've got point.

276) When in a dangerous night enviroment in an urban area you tell your mate to watch the 6.

277) You speculate on the addition of vehicles, sniper systems, rag doll physics, game engines, and console ports 6 months before the newest version is going to be released.

278) You're in the outhouse writing scripts on the toilet paper about a Splinter Cell / GhostRecon Prequel.

279) When it's 3 years later and your still modding / playing it.

280) You want to use the ghostrecon logo on a triathlon relay team named "The Ghosts".

281) When two female cousins (16 and 17 years old) who live in diffrent states threaten to come to your house take your GR cds and brake them in half than beat some ####### common sense into you.

282) When you stare at a well-endowed female a little too long you tell your girlfriend/wife: "sorry, all those polys were really slowing my framerates".

283) When you think the handle of your badminton racket is a silencer.

284) When going outside for hide and go seek you try to evade the dog and try Lethal or Non Lethal force on the dog so you wont be spotted .

285) You want to purchase the games that other GR.net members have

286) Everytime you go somewhere you plan how to react if attacked by, terrorists, kidnappers or robbers. (I have and do this alot)

287) When left home alone you tell your parents to call you if anything bad happens i.e. robbed, kidnapped, ect. (I've done this too)

288) You want to talk to every policeman, active duty military, and vet you see.

289) You post in this thread.

290) You want to sleep with the .45 under your pillow.

291) Every time you hear a sharp crack you instantly assume that it was a gunshot.

292) You go hunting with a M82 Barret

293) You try to see how close you can get to people facing the other way before they hear you.

294) You clear your house regularly.

295) When you try to make your own frag grenades.

296) You keep pressing a non-existant peek key at corners when playing Doom 3.

297) You start visiting your local army store more often than you do the game stores

298) When your bus arives at the bus stop you say "extraction complete".

299) On sunday mornings you always play M08 Battlefield because there's a church in the village so you don't have to go out of the house for praying.

300) You never go into a forest without your self-made ghillie-suit.

301) When you go to a bank everyone thinks you're a robber because a GR player cannot enter a bank without a MP5 and frags.

302) You often meet old WW2 veterans and tell them about your adventures in GR.

303) Every morning after getting up you check the command map and your 4 objectives for today's "mission".

304) When you ask your parents to buy you a XM29 with 20mm GL for christmas.

305) When you wear a camel back to keep u hydrated while playing for long hours.

306) When you count down the days till April 16, 2008 (1st mission).

307) you pick up your girlfriend and radio in "We've got the target".

308) When you are moving from one room or another you always keep in mind the three S (Speed, Stealth and Surprise) and saying on your mind "Hit hard and fast" repeatedly while straffing on the sides of the room while aiming an invisible gun at the room. Once you went to your desired location you look around and you say "clear!" while you see the phrase "at destination" or "we're here".

309) When you love to assume the "kneeling position" when you are idle.

310) When you feel cold you say, "(gasp, gasp) collld, (gasp) to cold for me".

311) You have lots of special forces films and memorize the tactics they did and some lines.

312) The only sexy girl you know are the female players of GR.

313) You fantasize on the metioned above.

314) You desperately look for pictures of GR female characters clad in sexy outfits and bikini.

315) You train younger members of your organization how to clear a room instead what should be taught and watch them when they execute the tactics.

316) When you love to assume the "kneeling position" while you make love.

317) You claim that you know Georgia, Lithunia, Russia, Ethiopia, Cuba and at worst claim that you went there!

318) You name your children based from the named specialists.

319) You would defend GR from any critics at all costs.

320) You would die defending GR.

321) You are constantly on watch on development of upcoming mods.

322) You are reading this thread, still.

323) When you date a girl just because she reminds you of Lindy Cohan.

324) Then she breaks up with you because you accidently call her Lindy one day.

325) You've been a member of this website since, or before, the first month GR was released.

326) You've taken the time to compile this freaking list! I'm crazy... -Ruin

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at work: I try to use the sauce gun at short-burst ... When the Manager complains you should use full burst in the bun <_<

Damn uuuuuuu!!!

You make sure the coast is clear, to tell your squad mates no manager (tango) in sight to grab a bit of food ..

Mission Objectives:

1. Steal a bit of food

x. No casualites (written warning)


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I have to add some myself in light of GRAW.

-When you spend over $500 in PC upgrades to play a game that hasn't even had a demo released yet!

-When you build a completely new rig for a game that doesn't have a confirmed release date yet!

Perhaps this is my commentary on current GRAW threads? :devil:

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This is a thread inspired by the "You Play GR Too Much When" series of threads. The current thread can be found here.

Well, we've only got three right now. So please, help turn this into a nice long list like the [GR] one and feel rfee to comment. No idea will be rejected! I only format for grammar and spelling, so have at!

So, here it is... the Official thread:


You Know You Play GRAW Too Much When...

1) When you spend over $500 in PC upgrades to play a game that hasn't even had a demo released yet!

2) When you build a completely new rig for a game that doesn't have a confirmed release date yet!

3) You play too much GRAW demo on your laptop.

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..while at work, I imagine a LOT of Co-Workers with RED TRIANGLES on them.......

and very FEW GREEN ones!...............

...while watching the Travel Channel as they visit Mexico City, telling the family that I have been to those places......

.......wearing a hole in my pants as I try to "butt-slide" in the yard!!!!!!!

as the wife watches and now KNOWS I am crazy!!!!!

:rofl::rofl: Kingkat

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2) When you build a completely new rig for a game that doesn't have a confirmed release date yet!


Just cause i built a new computer for a game that has been released shortly after my build dosent mean im an addict. Does it?? :(

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You Play GRAW to much when....

You accelerate research on the Future Force Warrior Concept (I am guilty of this because i remember excact information on concept designs etc..)

You want to visit the Natik soldier center

You want a job at Red Storm

You want to create your own Intergrated Warfighter System

You take a helmet and try to make a Cross-Com unit

You ask for intel marks when you are told to do something

You think every mexican is a rebel

You won't go near Mexico City

You want to join the millitry just to use the Future Force Warrior system

You try to go see where Bravo was killed at the U.S. Embassy

You wish that the events in the game would really happen

You want to order MULTICAM from Crye

You want to order a MRC

You go on eBay for a ZEUS MPAR (What they have none of those?)

You try to take googles, Nightvision goggles and Thermal Goggles and combine them into one

You start making mods for other games to make it EXACTLY LIKE GRAW

When you get shot in real life and hide you think you will recover from the wound without medical attention

You go to Mexico City so you know excactly where good sniping spots are

You try to look up the Agula Seven unit.

In Mexico City the sight of a chopper makes you run

That is all i got right now

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