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Operation : Red Storm


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Map making skills ARE not as good as my Vehicle making skills (which isnt the great anyway), as demonstrated by the fact I cant get the Lghting Tool to work (crashes everytime, everymap) AND I cant get the Team AI to work at all (enemy AI works fine, just the Teams wont :wall: )

Anyone got any ideas on the Second poblem ? (The first I can live without for now)

If I cant get a fix then Im gonna have to shelve all of my Maps OR make OpRS a single-character-per-mission-only Mod :wall::(

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For problem 1:

Export the map. Check Exportdebug.txt. It's located in your map-folder.

Copy/Paste the info here and I can tell you what to do.

For problem 2:

AI not working points to 2 possible problems:

a) your floors aren't tagged correctly (either by tags or shermlevelboxing)

b) your portals aren't set up correctly (either by geometry or roomlist).

Check them carefully. If you still can't find the problem, send the map to me and I'll take a look.

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Many thanx to Deleyt for advice given, solved the lighting problems :thumbsup:

However I think I may have to go back on my maps and rejig the gemoetry :wall: so the AI can allow the players teams to move :wacko: *sigh* more ours to fix a problem I could have avoided easily - map making ISNT as easy as it first appeared :rofl:

My hat goes off to people like Worm, Cobaka and off course Deleyt (as well as all the other map makers) - keep plugging away guys :santa:

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