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GRIN vs. GR.net Fans


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What?!  You don't have time to practice.  Back to work!  :rofl:

True, so true...

(But on the other hand, who needs sleep... when there is whoop-ass-practice to be done)

Welcome to gr.net.  We're all looking forward to seeing the end result of your efforts to bring back GR to the PC.

And we're looking forward to bringing this title to you.

Well, I'm leaving the forum-torch to Bo now, just thought I'd pop in for a second or two.

Cheers people!


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You know what

I’ve been reading ZJJ initial post, and it says

The staff is still working out the details on how the selection process will take place to determine which members will play against GRIN after the release of GR:AW.

In the meantime, we would like you to post in this thread if you are interesting in a chance to be one of the select few.

This is not a discussion thread.  All discussion will be removed. 

Who's up for the challenge?  :rocky:

And then she added just to make sure..

For those playing in the console match, each will receive a free copy of GRAW.

what good would a free copy of GRAW do if they are playing?

they already have to have one to play in the first place...

They would get their copy BEFORE the match, but upon selection to the team.

Can we please get back on topic now? This was not to be a discussion thread, only a sign up thread for tryouts. Thanks.

So technically speaking, both BoGRIN and GRIN Brimstone should be considered as potential players for the local team.

At the same time, so would i. Not so much as a T vs T player. More as a strategist.


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This thread will be closed in about 9 hours.... last chance to get your name in the running to be on the team to compete against the GRIN devs. :grin1:

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