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I downloaded Vietcong2 MP demo ...


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This isnt the most interesting of threads, but I downloaded the MP demo for the game and ... well, the map was so small it was like paintball in a call box!

I cannot beleive a demo is out with such a gametype on such a small map ... truly pointless. Its tagged as a "test" ... it woud have to be to justify it :( .

Things like that make you realise about GRAW & GR1 that some things are a real treasure to keep hold of.

Why did I download? ... I think I had mouse torretts or something and just fumbled my way through to the link. LOL :D

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The VC2 multiplayer demo actually has two maps: the small "training" map you mentioned and another large open map called "Trail". The "Trail" map has even got a small Montagnard village in it, waterfalls etc. Deathmatch on that map has different weapons to Deathmatch on the other map; on the trail map (in DM) the different weapons I found were: M16A1, M40 (the reloading animation for the M40 is seriously screwed, hopefully they'll fix this for the full release of the game), Snaiperskaya Vintovka Dragunova (also known as "SVD" or "Dragunov"), the rest of the weapons on that map are some of the other weapons from the other map.

The only thing that annoys me about the VC2 demo is the fact that you can't choose your skin as such (not until you are in game anyway, even then you only have a choice of tiger stripe or "leopard" style camo to choose from. Where's the US army camo gone?)

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AFAIK, you won't be seeing Nhut, Hornster, Hawkings, Crocker, Bronson and the rest of the guys from VC1, and that's ruined the whole thing for me already. The SF team you played in VC1 and each of the SF team members personal characteristics is what made VC1.

I'm actually in two minds about the game: The stuff I wrote above and the stuff in my previous post, puts me off the game. But the weapons attract me to the game - they've done a serious overhaul on the weapons this time, the recoil is very realistic and the sounds are awesome. They are also using the new Pterodon 2 engine with enhanced physics like Havok etc (this is another plus). Explosive barrels actually explode now, and objects like tyres etc go flying when you shoot them....

Well, I'm a go back to modding SWAT4 now. Just fixing the weapons etc(why has the G36C in SWAT4 ,by default, got only single and burst firemodes? It actually has a full auto fire mode too!! So I've fixed things like this). There's other things that I'm fixing/editing in SWAT4 too.

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