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Can we play an MP game with GRIN ?

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I got to thinking....how nice to play my first multiplayer game with you guys - I won't name names, but to be honest any one from this site would be great. then I thought ....how nice to play the guys from GRIN.

So, what if this site had a tournament, with the top team of 4 going up against 4 from GRIN? Rocky, if I am way off target just delete this.

But if this is possible, do you think the GRIN team would ever play again after the beating they got from us?

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If you're talking team vs team, then why limit it to 4 people per team?  Let's max out the server!  16 per team!

Challenge taken. We will train on the right map from now on then :)

Hahaha! Something's not quite fair here, never mind though, we have our own secret weapon! :D

Someone mail me the secret weapon.

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So I wonder if Bo and his team are interested in doing an exhibition insertion on an AlphaSquad SR2005 mission (or 4). We actually just lost a team last week, so I'm quite sure we can manage the graders to support it (we may well need to have a lottery to keep the total number of graders in check).

Bo, take a look at http://www.stealthrecon.net to see what you would be getting yourselves into. I'm sure it would be a big boost for the co-op GR players to see your collective reaction to an hour of tournament style co-op GR play.

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Me me me!! I'm over here! Here! Right here!! Pick me, pick me!! :D

Although I only recently joined this forum I have been playing GR1 since its release for the Mac platform in 2002. I bought a PC last winter just to be able to play GR2 on release, so I'm definately a fan. :)

Plus I speak Swedish so I can decipher their secret language. :thumbsup:

This ad was paid for by the Joka-to-the-fan-team campaign fund.

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