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Well, if you look carefully at the beach video, there is a conversation where the young kid is asking two women, who are lying down on beach towels, to allow him to try out "mouth to mouth, or mouth to anything". Well he has his back to the camera and it looks like he has a mic strapped to his belt/back.

But whatever, he is very funny and delivers an ice cool performance throughout. Wish I had the balls to say half the stuff he does to people, would be so funny!!

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Hahaha this is all new to me, who is this guy, is he getting fed the lines or what? Is it off a Jay Leno show or something?

No. He was a semi regular on the Man Show hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla. (Replaced by a couple of guys who ain't funny). The show had women on trampolines,Juggys (Well blossomed women), beer chugging, crazy off the wall antics involving sex and related topics, :o and of course my favorite the Man Show Boy. :rofl: Here's some more vids from the show.


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