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Demo ???? in PC Gamer mag ????

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Anybody get the PC Gamer UK of November 2005? On the last page there's this:


Though I guess nobody should get their hopes up, especially since they were expecting to review it. But does it give an indication that there is a demo?

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OK this has finally broken, there have been rumours about this on the net for the last few weeks

Colin first spotted news of this Here

If it's still true, It is very surprising UBI haven't been publicising this from the rooftops given the flak they have been taking recently


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With the lead times most magazines produce under, I really would be surprised to see a demo. I expect it's more likely that they were promised a demo based on the original release date, and after the magazine had already been finalized, extended the production time.

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A demo 4 months before the release? I guess we know more next week. The thing is that normally they wouldn't do it because they still have to remove bugs and optimize/tweak the game before they release it you know, and releasing a demo so early with possible bugs can only cost them customers. If It wasa 'public beta', then it would make more sense :s

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oh boy, I can already predict what will be said in the forums a few weeks from now. This is why UBI/Grin prob didnt want to mention a demo until they absolutly needed to. To avoid whats about to come like "PC fan shafted again, we got back seat to consolers"," they lied to us again, its canceled"

Demo wont come out until the game is ready to come out as well, but at least we know a demo is now likly.

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This information was available 8th of October but did not want to say anything, just in case the information was unreliable.

If indeed it is in this months Magazine then a lot of people will be very pleased indeed.

Me included.


holdin out on us! Aha!

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early demo sweet, if its good....

I think this answers one question we had, We will get a demo regardless.

I think we may be jumping the gun here....Shouldn't we get confirmation from UBI first? I think if we assume a demo is coming, we may be setting ourselves up for dissappointment. No promises yet, right guys?

I think it would be fair to assume that a delay of the game would also imply a "pushing back" of all events in the timeline, includikng a delay of any demo that may or may not have been planned.

While I would not expect a press release, this matter would certainly warrant clarification if anything would.

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It might be four months from release date but that doesnt mean it's four months from the completion of the game. It could be that it was just about ready for the original release date and is only held back to be in sync with the xbox one. So a demo now would not nessesarily be all that buggy.

having said that i doubt they would be so dry on the pc media front then go ahead with a demo so early. Would be nice though.

Hey you know it's soooooo long since the pre GR1 days. I remember the first screen shots of the squads on a hill, looking at how cool and technical they seemed. You could get the feel of the realism of GR1 just from them first screen shots. then more would trickle out and it really built up the anticipation. Anyway, my point is, i can't remember if the castle day demo was mp as well as sp.

I do remmeber that the Operation Flashpoint demo came out a very long time before the game. I don't know what the record is though for the space between demos and full game releases.

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Anyway, my point is, i can't remember if the castle day demo was mp as well as sp.

It was MP as well. :)

Those were the days. No super zoom, no sensors, no nade spamming and the guns were more balanced.

I would love to see a demo like that for GhR3 as well, some simple map with MP capability with ok guns, yet keeping us wanting more.

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