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GDC II: Ghost Recon

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The world teeters on the brink of war. Radical ultranationalists have seized power in Moscow - their goal, the reestablishment of the old Soviet empire.  Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan - one by one the nearby independent republics slip back into the Russian orbit.  Russian tanks sit in the Caucasus Mountains and the Baltic forests, poised to strike to the south and east.  The world hold its breath, and waits.

For one small group of elite soldiers, the war has already begun: U.S. Special Forces Group 5, First Battalion, D Company.  This handful of Green Berets represents the very tip of the spear - the first line of defense.  Equipped with the latest battlefield technology, and trained in the latest techniques of covert warfare, they strike - swiftly, silently, and invisibly.  They call themselves "The Ghosts."

Coming soon to theaters everywhere.

The first GDC was a warm-up ... now it’s time to play. Behold, GDC Part Deux!

Theme: Ghost Recon

Classification: Movie Poster

Style: Static Image

Size Maximum: 500 px wide x 500 px high; 200 kb

Last Date of Submission: November 3, 2005; 12.00 am GMT

Minimum Point Hurdle: 50

It doesn’t take a die-hard GR fan to recognize this as the theme for the original installment. However, that does not bar you from utilizing any image so long as it is consistent with this theme – real, digital, GR, or non-GR. On the other hand, it must pass as a movie poster.

Also note the raised minimum point hurdle. As reference, no contestant got beyond 50 from GDC I :o

Let’s see what you got, maestro ...


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Man, I wanna do an entry so bad.  This sucks.

Then do one.... you just can't win. :rolleyes:

In all seriousness, I thought about that ... but my concern is that what I do may influence the direction of the entries. Even if it is the slightest, the last thing I want is to undermine the whole point of the GDC - creativity in design.

Heck, I was even hesitant to mention the funny print in Avey's entry. :P

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Excellent work, Avey. It looks a bit more like the back of a DVD box to me, but is excellent quality and well designed.

(Far better than my awful work, at least)

Yeah thats what I thought whilst making it, lol. Too much text i think.

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Nowhere in the rules does it mention entries cannot be changed ... however the latest date will be used to calculate the Speed score.

If you do change your entry, I recommend posting a new post rather than editing an existing post. Time stamps on edits will be considered in determining the date entered so be careful about editing a post with an entry.

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Hahahaha ... that small type at the bottom is hilarious!!!

Man, I wanna do an entry so bad.  This sucks.

Do one...but dont post it until after the contest is over...that way we all get to see it..and you get to play ...without influencing anyone.


PS...mine is on the way...probably another day or 2

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