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FIFA 06 (Xbox)


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I'm into my second night playing EA's 12th or 14th kajillion installment of FIFA. Lots of contraversy out there as to the direction where the game is headed. Yeah - deja vu.

No more off-the-ball control ala 05 but instead you've got on-the-fly tactics arguably biased towards offense. Tackling balls away have become much harder. All in all, its got some frame rate issues and the graphics upgrade is not what I would expect from a supposed sequel. The AI begs to be questioned but I'm still playing on amateur difficulty until I get my arms around the tactics and new features.

Notwithstanding these quirks, its a fine game. After a while you get to understand where EA was trying to take this thing - obviously to compete against Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer / Winning 11 series. In that respect, it's trying to get players to pass more and rewarding tactics. For example, a variety of cross techniques, if pulled off correctly, are very very satisfying. Pulling off successful dummies and one-two passes will undoubtedly leave a satisfied grin on your face and the marker with its pants down. Pretty cool stuff.

Of course, licensing is where Konami just can't touch EA. This aint no NFL Madden where only so many leagues and licenses abound. We're talkin worldwide licenses resulting in over 10,000, count em, 10k, players worth of stats galore. Realism is nice, pulling off a 360 spin following through with a high corner goal with Thierry Henry is, in my own opinion, golden.

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Private B, yes, penalties GALORE in 06 ... I've found it rare to do a sliding tackle and get away with it. It does happen, but the risks are now far greater than in 05 that I tend to call in a 2nd man instead - of course that leaves a nice hole in my defense. 06 definitely makes you think more.

Easy, there's a lot of speculation out there that EA really designed 06 for the 360 and is really pushing the Xbox version beyond its limits as evidenced by the shoddy framerate. In my own opinion though, the framerate issues do not bother me so much as it is really only evident in replays.

I'm still in my first season as manager in the MLS. I'm hoping to make a switch over to a European league. Yes, I'm a sell out :)

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I haven't played a FIFA game for quite while now - they are supposed to be getting better though. Having licenses and stuff is quite good but I think I'd still prefer PES. :)

You can update PES to have all real player/team etc. names with an update from PESFan.com. I recommend trying the PES5 PC Demo before going out and buying FIFA. :P

I might try out this new FIFA though - it's meant to be the best FIFA yet.

FIFA 06 PC Demo

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Hey man, the Premiere League is the only way to go. But I don't want to start off a manager career with some absolutely no name club.

One of my bigger gripes is that the names are not on the kits of some of the MLS teams. Really bogus stuff. I've posted it on the official forum and awaiting some response.

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Well FIFA 06 is growing on me more and more.

One of the things I really was unhappy about was no longer being able to control a 2nd man with the right analog stick. Given how stoopid the AI can be, I was afraid I would be caught all by my lonesome on the wing with all my strikers picking their noses midfield.

On the contrary, not only do I have strikers popping out the woodwork (L1 causes players to charge), I have various types of crosses to choose from!! I can lead my man into a pounding header, cross low to keep pesky keepers from intercepting ... I can also go for really long crosses - best part is, just when I think I might have overran the wing, the ball curves in and is met by a sliding striker!! w00t!!!

A caveat on the stoopid AI, I am still playing on the easiest setting since I still haven't fully learned all the on-the-fly tactics yet. I hear that on harder settings, the AI isn't so dumb.

I almost pulled off a 360 and shot-on-goal with Landon Donovan. That was cool.

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Well I just finished my first season and took my Los Angeles Galaxy club to first place in the finals airguitar.gif

About 3/4 of a way through the season, I upped up the difficulty from amateur to semi-pro and WOW is it a LOT harder (I think there are two additional difficulty levels).

No longer were my crosses finding Landon Donovan's mad headers. I really had to work hard just to lose my winger's marker. I also had to really change up my attack patterns because my preferred winger would start getting double marked.

The other team's defense is remarkably more aggressive forcing you think quickly and use the radar accordingly to find an open man. Inversely they are VERY VERY good at keeping possession - tackling is no longer as fool proof and you are forced to commit risky slide tackles when push starts coming to shove. Lastly, the stoopid AI is no longer stoopid :( ... they can pinpoint unmarked men and no longer dribble or kick balls out of bounds.

With that said, scoring is NOT impossible ... you just need to lead crosses more and take every advantage of lose balls. A fast winger and an even faster middle striker will behoove you. I kid you not, when a shot does hit the back of the net, you will be jumping out of your seat doing the happy dance.

With my flawless season :rolleyes: I've decided to take my futbol managerial skills across the pond to the European league ... Newcastle United, meet your maker!! new_russian.gif


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Since my last post, I started over in manager mode again with the LA Galaxy. I built up what I then thought was a world class club typically playing a 3-3-4 formation and strikers styling mad skill points (Kirovsky lagging at only 80).

After taking the team to 1st place in 2 seasons, winning the MLS cup in both, and going undefeated in the 2nd season (semi-pro difficulty), I decided again to take my now rank 5 manager to the FA league and commandeer Newcastle.

WOW. Markedly harder. Also, 2 seasons of transfer market really left me with a whacked out lineup missing Alan Shearer?! First match was against Fulham and I barely eaked out 2 goals. I couldn't stop McBride from putting one in so it was a tense 2-1 win with a late goal to clinch it.

This is going to be an interesting season.

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