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teen rating? blood?

bravo 2 zero666

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don't remember reading about any of these and these are very important to our game and it is our game cuz were paying for it. also what happened to the spectacular kills like they had in the orginals that was a huge fun factor seeing a guy eat **** and trip all over him self after shooting him on the run was awsome what happened here??? we need this game to be a rated MATURE game for gobs of blood and intense war action with spectacular deaths. make us happy please. i don't want to have to keep playing the old ones to injoy a good game. or even parental controls so parents can turn it on and off. don't jip the hard core gammers that pay your saleries just to get the 12 year old run and gun smack talkers that just get booted out of every room they enter to be able to buy the game. halo 2 is across the street and down the hall and that's were all the little kids should stay. let us have our adult game with all the stuff we want.

lock and load that first round magazine and watch.......your lane

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