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I was just wondering if anyone had any info on the handheld version of ghost recon? Ive been looking all over for some screenshots or something but have come up with nothing!! I know they had planed to make it at one time is it still going to happen?

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Anyone play Rainbow 6 on Game Boy color?

I did and it was fun, you got to take 8 men with you and assault buildings and what not, hell there was even glitching in the game!

All you had to do was laydown against a wall and the baddies couldnt shoot you and they sometimes couldnt see you! LMAO

Im looking forward to GR on GBA so I can shoot people while Im on the road......not like I do that or anything <_<



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I played R6 & SoaF for GBA the other day and after being blown away at how fun it was remembered about GR on GBA.

After doing alot of searching I found several sites that said GR for GBA is going to be released on 9-1-03!

I wonder how many people forgot it was even going to be made on GBA?

You think that UBI would be promoting it....that is unless the non promotion is a sign..... :unsure:

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