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GDC I Entries

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GDC I: Arch Angels


mordred; Oct 11


SteelHack; Oct 14


Dannik; Oct 14


element11; Oct 14


GooseBumps; Oct 15


GDC I Winner:  mordred

We had a tight contest with only a small margin among contestants.  Some talented entries that, for the most part, interpreted the theme at face value.  In the end, mordrid’s entry exuded both a sense of flare and talent deserving of the first ever GDC Award.  I won’t get into how there would have been a tie if a certain contestant had entered within the specified size requirements to begin with.  That speed criteria can really bite you in the buttocks!

Congratulations, mordred!



But this was only the beginning ... GDC I was meant to be but a precursor to the essence of the contest which is variety ... prepare yourself for GDC II ...

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