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Upcoming Mods' Status?


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With the delay of GR3, I guess we have a better chance of seeing upcoming mods. The mods that I'm really looking forward to in particular are:

Year of The Monkey


Operation Jack Frost

Mission: Afghanistan

State of Emergency

That Others May Live (I haven't lost all hope yet Hybrid)

What's the status of these upcoming mods?


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As far as CENTCOM goes the status is ACTIVE check here for regular updates and info CENTCOM

As far as TOML i'd say the status is if you dont see anything released in the next week or too don't hold your breath....................

those were the 2 mods listed that i have been involved with can't speek for the others.

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Thanks for not losing hope. Here's the status: I've gotten into 1,000 things that I need to finish and not one is finished. TOML now is way behind standards of other mods and will look like cheap amateur crap (if) when released. Thats just the truth. It needs some overhauling and definite polishing. This week I'm gonna lose a lotta sleep, grab some red bulls, and see what I can pump out. If by thursday it's not in a good place, enjoy the beta because the project will be dropped. If its in a good place, it'll be released next weekend. There's the status.

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The release of GR3 will have no affect on the release of Year of the Monkey. We went through this when GR2 was supposed to be released and ended up wasting time thinking about it. It's release will depend solely on when we get it done, which will be very soon. Of course it won't be up to the standards of newer games but it is a step above many GR1 mods in several aspects.

I have even been considering starting a new map mod after YOTM is released but I wouldn't bet any money on it at this point.

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im not so sure about sixpences mods i believe real life stuff has put a hold on his modding for an indefinate period of time.

Thats correct :(

But i found Time to improve "HIDDEN WAR", fixed Missions, added correct Pics and Movie Scenes.

Release: ASAP (1 Mission to Go, 18 Missions in Sum)

SNIPERMOD - OSOK have at the mom "Hold ON"

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As GiWeDa said, Mission; Afghanistan is on hold right now, but not dropped.

I won't lie to you; at one point, we did think of dropping the mod, as it was a big project and GR3 seemed right around the corner, the community seemed to have dissapeared and/or lost interest in GR mods altogether...

But dammit, too much work has been invested in it, so we are going to finish and release it.

Armenia SCARed mod should be released any day now. It will be followed by a special project of GiWeDa and me, which should start a whole new ball rolling for GR....you guys just have to wait a few more days and see....

After those two mods released, we are returning to Mission: Afghanistan. Current status of the mod is quite promising- all weapons and characters are done, as are all the vehicles and most of the maps (yes maps-plural...again, by Cobaka :thumbsup: )

I had some complicated ideas for the campaign, so I loaded quite a task in GiWeDa's lap...but he has improved his scripting abilities 10 fold during past few month, so I trust there will be no more scripting enigmas for him...

As soon as the work on the mod continues, we'll update the mod's thread!

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