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Multiplayer and some other questions

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Hi guys,

I have been away for a while, and not been online as a result. I have a number of questions regarding where to play and the mods associated, the questions are based on my past online gaming experiences.

I used to host a lot of players on my PC as I am behind a large proxy here in the UAE and for some reason I could host better than when I joined others games, I used to limit the number of players to 4 and we could all have a good game of coop or missions with this number of people, I used to do this on UBI (which everyone here SLATES, and I know why). Fortunately playing on UBI in coop usually negates the cheaters and all the guys that joined all had good times on the games.


Since my return, it seems that a lot of people have one or more versions of the silent-killer map packs and since reading about the 'stealing' associated with this pack I am willing to uninstall it (although there are some great maps on there). What are people using as the BASIC mods to get a game here amongst the shared dedi servers here at GR.net? Is is just DS&IT, HX5? I have DA4.9 as well but not fussed about not using it.

I would really like to join some of the games here with the faithful, as cheating seems pointless in a game that is such fun even when you get shot to shreds. I prefer coop and missions as a rule.

Any advice would be appreciated.

P.S Apologies if this post is in the wrong forum, didn't know if it should reside here or in the MP section.

Thanks and regards to all.

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