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[hooking up LED lights] Eck

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OK not completly a noob. but first time hooking up LED lights.

Only question is, im hooking up a pc for my mom. The LED hook ups got me slightly confused.

There is the pwr/reset/etc.... and then a ground for them.

Curious as to wich is the ground wire and wich isnt. Im guessing that the white wires are the grounds, quick answer and ill be good to go. This is the only thing im feeling iffy about.

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I really with motherboard/case manufacturers would get some common ground here. Those connectors are rarely clearly labelled.

The good news is, if you get it hooked up backwards, it won't do anything nastier other than not work, so you don't have to worry about blowing up the computer because the HD led or power switch is plugged in backwards.

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ok that is all then. it will be good to go

studied it and studied some more,

the hookups from mycase wont work on the mobo... so ill just have to leave them be

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Alright im posting on my moms pc its not bad for a 500$ machine,

But she was hurry hurry i want my pc type, so I had to buy some stuff locally wich would of saved here almost a 60$ !!!!!!!


AMD Sempron 2800+

Geforce 5500

512mb Corsair Value Select PC3200

WD 40GB Cavier

Lite on DVD-Rom CD-R

floppy bleh, I know she would need it for some reason or another

this cpu was 1.6ghz stock ... it easly overclocked to 1.8ghz

2°c tempeture change, runnning stable voltages are the same...

playing farcry on it now its great ... well not as good as my system

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