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Um, that's not the "next generation" of the Crytek engine.  That's merely the HDR update in action.  A patch, nothing more.

Will this patch allow current Crytek games (ie. FarCry) to use the new features or is it just for games that are in-development? Would make a great FC update!

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"Um, that's not the "next generation" of the Crytek engine. That's merely the HDR update in action. A patch, nothing more. "

yes, that is the current build of cryengine 2.

it like most succesors are built on top of the previous version.

there are numerous features that seperate it from cryengine 1. Crytek has already moved there engine dev over to CryEngine2.

HDR was added some time ago.


Currently all patched to cryengine 1 are just good support from crytek.

though much of what is seen is camable of being done in the current Cry1, there are important differences.

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But that is Far Cry being demo'ed. Sure, it's an engine update, but it's no more next generation than when they introduced AMD64 support. It's a patch, not a new engine. Sure, vagaries of terms apply, so we may be arguing cross point, but at it's root, it's just the CryEngine with expanded features, not a major revamp.

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That is not Far cry being demo'ed. Simply because it is an outdoor environment.

Dannik, they are no longer developing CryEngine1 other than support updates. they have moved there engine development to CryEngine 2.

But its cool if you dont believe it. I can see where your coming from.


since they are only showing a few new features and not the rewritten source behind it.

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isnt doom3 just a updated version of quake?

if were talking in that manner.

No, actually doom3 is using a brand new engine. In fact, Quake4 is instead using the doom3 engine for its development.

Supposedly, the doom3 engine has been modified so that you can have greater outdoor environments for the quake4 game. Doom3 had alot of indoor environments so how quake4 uses it for large outdoor environments in multiplayer remains to be seen.

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"Is there going to be a FarCry 2?"

Both Crytek and Ubi give the no comment on that. They also wont comment about the "rumoured" Far Cry Expansion. I do look forward to the future of FC though, i think it will be nice.

However Crytek has a strong background in supporting FC. They have made some mistakes, but for the most part we can see there intensions are good.


1.2 (bad patch)



Crytek Unofficial tournoment map pack.

1.32 (bad patch)


CryMod C++ SDK (released last week)

and they have mentioned there commitment to further support of the community and the game.

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