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ghost recon Font ?


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Nice find! The way you're putting it, it's pretty clear and easy to understand.

15. Adjust the individual HEX entries for X1 position and character width as needed to match the new number one bitmap:

00    00   00   4A  00   10   00   00   03   4A

Aren't you missing something here?

You're basically widening the "1" character by taking 1 pixel away from the previous character in the table.

That should mean you also should adjust that character (making it 1 pixel smaller).

Making all characters 1 pixel wider, would mean changing the entire table on all axis'-parameters AND it's width-parameter (as character will eventually shift down one line in the bitmap-image).

Another tricky issue is the positioning of the preset text itself within the game.

Some texts are lined up in such a way that the text fits right into a box, textballoon or button.

Changing the width of all characters makes it possible for the text to stick out of the encapsuled lining.

In basic, the entire format is changed.

Section 4: Editing Font Bitmap File

The RGB channels in the normal display layer determine the color of font.  The GR default is white.  The 9MS mod has a slight yellow shade.

This is not quite true for the entire interface.

For White-Skull Valley I have been looking into this aswell and found that in some parts of the GUI the colours are changed through code.

In the soldier selection-panel for instance the colours are dimmed to a blueish tint.

This makes it hard to set an overall colour for a mod regarding the font.

If for example your colour would be set to a bright yellow (R220 G219 B138), it would display as such in the main screen.

Moving onto the soldier panel it would shift into an darkish olivegreen (R91 G135 B103).

What happens is that the gamecode subtracts a colourvalue of R126 G84 B35 (x7E 54 23).

In practice this means you can never achieve a full white.

This happens aswell on fonts as on the shellgraphics around it.

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deleyt - your statement about the 1 pixel addition being taken from the previous character is correct. I narrowed the zero character by one pixel to both make room for the one modification and make the zero appear slimmer than a capital O.

And yes, redoing the entire font scheme would probably lead to issues with text spacing within the default screen windows. That's another reason why a total decryption of the format would be helpful to determine whether sizing, kerning and other regular font features could be used.

Thanks for the information about the font coloring. Any additional insights on the resource file structure would be appreciated.


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Hey all,

I couldn't find this anywhere. How do you get the GR font available and working in photoshop? I'm making some splash screens and have seen others do it in Mods, I just don't know how.



Reason for edit: Merged with existing thread

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