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STI What do you think of them?

FA sear

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I had a chance to shoot an STI recently and I don't know if it was just this particular gun I fired, but I couldn't really see a difference from it and something like a Les Baer.

The model I fired was a Target Master. It is the single stack 6" (not the same as the basic Trojan model). The ten ring at 25yds was no problem.

Compared to the basic Kimber or Springfield, the Kimber & Springfield felt like a PO. IMO the STI even felt better than the Custom Kimber line. This thing was tight as a drum, and as smooth as glass.

Anyone else have any experience with the STI 1911s? I'm seriously considering getting the 6" TargetMaster or 5" RangeMaster. My personal impression was that this was an absolutely top quality pistol, and now I can see why a lot of the current IPSC shooters use the STIs.

The only question that is really bugging me is that the STIs only cost $1,500. A similarly equiped Les Baer will run you $2,500, and Ed Brown and Wilson will run you $3,000 or more. I have never shot a Nowlin, but the way this thing shot I have trouble believing that it would be much better.

Any opinions? Better yet, any STI owners? How do you like/rate them?

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With all of the gun people here, .45 fans, and 1911 lovers, there has to be someone else that has shot these guns.

@mob, I hear what you are saying, but I personally doubt it would be cheaper to make you own parts rather than machine something like Caspian slides to your specs. I might be wrong, but that is how I see it.

I talked to the one guy that has the gun and let me shoot it, and his theory on the price is that STI is still new as a brand, so they have not "established" their name yet. He seems to think that down the road an STI will cost just as much as a Les Baer.

I was just hoping to get a couple more opinions here.

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I've read that the machining mastermind at STI (Mr. Strayer, Mr. Voight, both, whatever) also machines parts for NASA rockets and pacemakers. Perhaps already having the high-end equipment and materials required for such jobs cuts down his overhead significantly?

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