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OK ... here's my question. I am a systems admin and I support about 150 users. Currently I carry around a CD that has some files on it that I use regularly. I am considering purchasing 128MB “Thumb Drive” or “USB Drive” to replace the CD.

Does anyone have any experience using these devices? How fast are they? I would like to know if they require drivers to be installed to use them. Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated.


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I've got a (32mb) usb drive that I use (those little keyring ones). On 2000 and xp it should be simple plug and play. I did have trouble getting mine to work on 2000 due to the bent pins in the usb socket on the computer, but on xp it went straight away. The speed is very good, usually between 30secs to a minute to get everything off mine (i think).

I know 4 people who have them, and use them nearly every day (taking stuff to and from work), and thus far we haven't had any problems with them.

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Actually thinking about it, you've got quite a few computers I think a cd would be easier. When you first use the drive it gives a Found New Hardware thing and that takes a while, okay you only have to do it once but it still takes time. Unless you are constantly changing the utilities you have on your cd, (in which case a usb drive is perfect) I would stick with it.

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