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GRAW Facts


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This Post is information has been gathered from all relevant PC web Sites.

The Sources used are all Ubisoft or Grin.Inc

The next evolution of the franchise, as we all know, is “Ghost Recon: Advanced War Fighterâ€. The project has been in the works for about 18 months, and is a multi-studio project. The Xbox 360 version is being development at RSE, with Christian as the lead designer. The various studios, RSE, GRIN.Inc and Tiwak (another Ubisoft studio) have all been working very closely with each other to make sure the entire project comes off successfully.

The PC version and the Xbox 360 are not the same game therefore we will not be able to play cross platform


Game Publisher:

Ubisoft Entertainment:

Game Rating T for Tean.


Teen rating implies:

No gore or pools of blood siping from twitching bodies that sizzel from grenade explosion. For me it is good not to see that in a game. Nothing worse than real war let me tell you.

Will you have death animations and blood impacts - yes.

Bo Andersson and Ulf Andersson own Grin.Inc

Game Maker Grin.Inc



Welcome to GRIN - the developer of the PC version of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

GRIN is a Sweden-based game developer who creates games for the next generation console and high-end PC platforms. This is Grin’s home on the Internet, and - once again - welcome.

GRIN is independent and has 50 employees.

It is also owned by Bo and Ulf Andersson.

This is the site to go to for information about the company, news on current projects as well as documentation on past projects, and info on job openings.

Grin.Inc Web Site

Company Back Ground:

When GRIN was founded, the mission was to create state of the art games using breakthrough technology - which is exactly what we have become known for doing.

GRIN has long experience in developing both realistic simulators and fantasy Sci-Fi games, all while pushing the envelope in the graphical realm.

Past titles include the award-winning "Ballistics", "Bandits - Phoenix Rising", and numerous arcade machines as well as military and civilian simulators.

Founded in 1997 by the Andersson brothers, GRIN today stands fast with 40 dedicated developers with their mind set on elevating PC and console gaming.

To GRIN, the journey into the future of gaming is in no way a journey into the dark unknown.

The clear and flexible thinking of the team defines our path: We combine the experience of the past with the technology of the future to develop new gaming experiences for new platforms.

We Share Story/narration with console version.

No more.

Mission layout and all gameplay is unique to PC.

Company CEO:

Mr. Bo Andersson

Production of the Game:

We started full production in November of 2004. Before that we did production design and initial technology improvements for about 6 months.

More than 100 people are involved with the PC version.

Engine Used In Development:

We are using our propriety engine, Diesel, that is currently at Version 6.0.

Other Software Engines Used:

Simulated physics? YES


PC Gamers get treated to high dynamic range lighting and advanced shaders, that will drop you in a hot zone with the sun in your face.

This is one of the first games to test the waters of Ageias Physics hardware and the Novadex software.

You don’t need to worry though, about buying new hardware, as the Novadex software works in conjunction with the hardware, and also by itself, although the hardware will definatly make a difference.


GRAW PC will support the NovodeX physics engine. We will use it to improve the rendering of most explosions / physics in the game, and there will be a specific work on the key moments of the game (buildings collapsing, oil truck exploding etc…)


engine as a standard, so gamers not equipped with AGEIA chips can expect great physics too!Ageia Web Site

Minimum System Requirements for PC

Computer: Pentium IV of 2Ghz or the equivalent (2.8Ghz recommended)

Memory: 512MB RAM (1024Mb recommended)

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP

DirectX: DirectX9.0c

Video Card: Shader 2.0 card with 128 MB of VRAM (256MB recommended)

Sound card: DirectX9 compatible sound card

Internet: Broadband / LAN connection

Servers 512 Upload Speed

Sound Production:

PCB Productions:

PCB Music

PCB Productions was established by Creative Director Keith Arem - Arem has been one of the leading engineers and producers in the field of dialog production, script writing, sound design, and music scoring for the Interactive industry since 1992 - serving as the Director of Audio for Virgin Interactive Entertainment and Electronic Arts Pacific (1993-1999). Arem holds a Bachelors degree in Audio Engineering and Electronic Music Synthesis from California State University Dominguez Hills. Arem has produced, directed and recorded over 400 commercial releases in the film, music, television and interactive industries.

Tom Salta who is doing the music for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

This is a short Bio:

Tom Salta writes and produces emotionally charged electronic and orchestral music for records, movie/TV and video game soundtracks. Combining his expertise in programming and mixing hit records with the highest production values, Tom Salta creates powerful melodies and hooks with a hybrid of lush orchestral strings and edgy, electronic rock music.

Tom Salta’s video game credits include the original scores for Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (UbiSoft), Cold Fear (Darkworks/UbiSoft), Still Life (Microids), Sprung (UbiSoft), original tracks for Get on Da Mic (A2M/Eidos), the cinematics for Need for Speed Underground 2 (Electronic Arts) and Still Life (Microids), and co-writer of the main theme to Ghost Recon 2 (UbiSoft). Appearing under the artist name ‘Atlas Plug’ his music is also featured in Project Gotham Racing 3 (Microsoft), ESPN Major League Baseball 2K6 (Take 2), RalliSport Challenge 2 (Microsoft Game Studios) and Street Racing Syndicate (Namco).

In addition to these composing ventures, Salta’s hard-driving electronic and orchestral grooves grace many television shows, commercials and film promos including the Volvo S40 ‘Video Game’ commercial, “Making of Spider-Man 2†on HBO, “Making of Anaconda 2†on Cinemax, NBC's “Third Watch,†UPN’s “America’s Top Model,†CBS’ “Joan Of Arcadia,†and MTV's “Making the Video†and “Tough Enough.†Tom Salta also created the main theme for The Discovery Channel's “Wild Discovery†and the entire music branding of KTLA, Los Angeles’ Warner Brothers affiliate.

Most recently, Salta composed and produced the anthemic live orchestral soundtrack for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, the next installment in the smash-hit squad-based action franchise. The score was recorded with the Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra at the prestigious Bastyr Chapel in Seattle.

Tom Salta is currently writing the follow-up to his highly acclaimed debut solo album 2 Days or Die.

His Web Site and much more info and downloads.

Tom Salta

Download some of the music it’s really very good.

Simon Viklund (GR:AW PC sound designer): Sounds should sound real, be crisp and have great clarity, and – where needed – a roaring bass.

This should be expected of any game, but sadly, that is an expectation that developers seldom live up to. Believe me though, when I say that GRIN will not disappoint you.

Our team has sound staff that is truly passionate about sound, and they are working hard to bring your ears an experience that matches the one your eyes will be treated with when you’re playing GRAW PC.

We hope you feel there is no garbage. We wanted 3 emotional layers to voices and a team member sounds depends on the situation. The more tense it is, the more strained their voices are. If calm, you will be able to tell that from their voices too.

Content Art, Sound, Technology and game play is entirely unique for the PC version.

The entire PC version made exclusively for the PC, and stands alone from the console versions in terms of game play.

Adrian J Fernandez-Lacey: It's a completely different team working on the PC version, there is some linkage in terms of story, content, models - we always exchange information. Basically they're a PC game for PC players, they're not just making a port by any means, and that's the same with the Xbox 360; the Xbox 360 version is specific to maximising the power of the Xbox 360. We decided to make this decision because we wanted to give each platform it's own personal flavour and maximise it's potential on each platform and give each player something different. With the power of next-gen as well, you can't compare an Xbox 360 to a current-gen machine, you necessarily do the same things, so we really wanted to make specific gameplay decisions for each platform.

Grin.Inc Sound Engineer:

Simon AKA Grin Desmond 22

1) could you tell me a little about what lengths you've gone to to really make it sound realistic. eg. have you a mass of sampled sounds or just a few with filters & effects to make the shots sound out in the open, in allyways, tunnels, hitting stone, Glass, cars, zipping past you ears, hitting flesh, tyres wood etc....

As stated in my previous post, bullet hits as well as gunfire is a tricky thing to record. The sounds of GRAW PC is a blend of touched-up sounds form the 360 version, sounds I've recorded myself, and licensed sounds from recording studios that know this kind of stuff. I have gone great lengths to make the sounds change depending on the environment. Even the bullet hit sounds change character with distance - listeening to a distant firefight in an MP match just makes you go "I WANN BE THERE!" and start running towards it.

2) is there much music in the game? If so by which artist or did you write it yourself?

Yes there is music - it's very much "The Rock" style, which I personally think fits the game very well. If it's not your cup of tea, you can turn it off or just lower the volume. I've been told the music was written by an American composer. I've done some work on the sound loops to allow the music to be more dynamic, and go up and down between different levels of intensity depending on what's happening on-screen.

3) are there things like interactive radio's etc... I know it's childish but I'd love to turn on a ingame stereo & have some inappropriate music. of course tacticaly it could be a diversion or cover other sounds

There are radio sounds coming from houses in the game, although you can't go in there and change the channel. Sorry.

4) can you tell what your walking on just with your ears? Broken Glass, Grass, Stone slaps, sane etc...

Oh yes, very much so. There are like 20 different surfaces to walk on, and there are unique sounds triggered depending on how you move on that surface - running, walking, sitting down and dragging one knew behind you (shuffling), crawling, crawling fast, diving from running upright, diving from running crouched, etc... the foley sound is very sophisticated.

5) Is the music in the choppers?

Yeah, some real 'Nam style rock, hehe.

6) how about wildlife? While sneaking is it possible to disturb Birds? etc.. which might gove your position away?

There are crickets, birds, frogs, dogs barking in the distance, you name it...

7) what speaker set up would make a big difference

The sound is great in a pair of headphones, but any 5.1 or 7.1 system is always better - so that you feel the roaring BASS when you squeeze the trigger on your SAW (I just love that sound)


See Video:

Insertion Video

There will be real time insertions into the game world along with extractions and there will be no cut scenes.

On insertion, you will be able to interact with the pilots via the Cross-Com and even be able to shoot at enemy below you from the Blackhawk. You will be fast roping to the ground.

The player is transported by an APC or a Blackhawk Helicopter.

The Helicopter crew man the Mini gun only.

You also retrieve your briefing in the Heli or plane aswell.

Weapon Information:

We have 8 primary weapon bulks, 4 secondary weapons, and 2 auxiliary weapons. The actual number of weapons you will see in the game is actually bigger thanks to our mod system.

For instance, in some games, you will have the choice between a plain rifle or a rifle with a grenade launcher attached.

I.E.2 main weapons.

4 slots available.

select basic bulk, and then outfit the weapon with the mods that you need.

You will have a wide variety of weapons to choose from, early in the campaign. And as far as progression in concerned, the game takes place in such a short span of time, that increase the stats of your teammates would have been unrealistic.

We have 2 ground support vehicles (Abrahams and Stryker), 3 air support units (Black Hawk, Apache, F15), and artillery for far support.

We have wonderful shoot animation with nice recoil

Weapon choice and rules we used to determine what weapons would be in game.

1. Realistic combat behavior (handling, noise, weight, mag, stability, fire modes, mods, penetration).This is a must as long as it does not compromise rule 2, in case it has to be adapted or removed.

2. Benefit to gameplay. As long as it does not compromise rule 3. We do not add a gun or feature of a gun if it does not bring anything to the gameplay. Thus having 12 versions of the basic M16 is not an otion.

3. Balance. A SAW should not be as accurate as a Sniper rifle etc. If you have lots of ammo you should have lots of weight - lots of weight should imply less acccuracy after running etc. Logic chain and balance of the weapons.

The PC does carry a different set up then the X360 - lots of similar choices but some different based on our different SP and MP style of gameplay.

For us it is important that the player understands and feels the gameplay difference in the weapons and the use of the weapons in a tactical sense both individually and for the team.

We use a First Person Weapon view, and only this one. You may have seen some screenshots featuring Third Person views, but that was only to illustrate some specific areas of the game, such as the advanced leaning system.

For SP it will be FPWV only, but there will be iron sights. The weapon pops up in to iron sights to zoom in to for more accurate aiming.

The reason why we are not using the GR1 PC view is because we are implementing the body awareness feature. We wanted you to feel that you actually have a body inside the game. Body awareness helps to feel more a part of your surrounding, being immersed and not just a floating camera.

In fact it is an improved FPS view that lets you see your own body and equipment. This gives you better situational awareness and makes your moves more precise.

To convey this body awareness feeling, it was essential to display the weapon on-screen. You may argue that this is a limiting option, but our first experiences with this system makes us feel that it is much more realist. Together with the special moves (sliding, diving, leaning…), it really makes you feel you are a real human being “from the insideâ€.

We are using advanced leaning, which allows the same precision in shooting around corners. So instead of changing your weapon main hand, you will tilt it to the left or to the right.


Ok, here's the basic movements:

When standing straight, you can move in two speeds: Walk (press forward), and run (hold shift + forward). While running you cannot shoot because your weapon is lowered.

Then you can tap the crouch button and go down to a kneeling stance. From here you can shuffle (press forward), and run crouched (hold shift + forward). In this position you cannot sidestep, so you kind of become a smaller target, but not as effectively moving.

From here you can press the crouch button again and lie down flat on the ground. From this position you can crawl (press forward), and sprint-crawl (hold shift + forward). You can only sprint-crawl forward.

Also, you can go from standing straight to lying down with one button, and back again with the same button. On top of this, you can tip-toe (but not move while doing it, only peeking and shooting - very useful), and lean left/right in all stances (straight, crouched, lying).

Hope that clears things up!

Smoke Granades:

We do not want to unbalance game play with this, but we have worked on this. Still we cannot guarantee this, and we do not want to risk it in multiplayer, since it can lead to cheats (with tuned graphical options that could give an advantage to some players).

AI Bevour when Hit

We have different behaviors when enemies are shot or busted by grenades.

Weapon Pick Ups

Some soldiers would argue that you do not use a weapon you do not know, as it could be badly maintained or booby trapped. We can however pick up ammo in the field.

Other Forces

You will fight along marines or friendly vehicles in some missions.

We have no foreign countries weapons.


Will the wind have any influence on the path of bullet (and therefore on the accuracy)?

This was thought off for some time, but we decided to avoid it. From past experience, when you put this kind of feature in a game, people think the aiming is bugged?

Is the distance taken in account during a shoot? (A target at 50m will be touched faster than another at 350m)

This is usually hard to notice below 600m, and we would have to cheat (and have it look like a bug) to make it really happen, so we did not include that.

Weapons Types

Yes, the CRYE and the XM8. All the rest are existing weapons that are in use today.

The weight of the weapons will of course impact on how your stamina is expended by physical exertion.

GRAW is not limited to individual classes of weapon selection: you have a complete freedom on the type of equipment you can carry.

You have 3 slots for primary, secondary, and backpack, and you can select different equipment for each of these slots. Primary is of course used for assault rifles and sniper rifles, while secondary is for handguns and SMGs.

Finally, the “mod†system enables you to select scopes, grenade launcher, and even front grips, for both the primary and secondary weapons.

The difference between the weapons in terms of "snipe" is done in the levels of zoom. For example, a rifle will have a capacity of zoom lower than a Sniper rifle, which will make the headshots more difficult. But it will be compensated by a faster rate of shooting.

Weapon Accuracy:

The player will have also indicators of breathing, which will emulate the rate of respiration of the soldier and who will have an influence on the precision of the shootings.

1 Shot 1 Kill This option will still be available at higher difficulty levels, and it will be scalable in multiplayer games.

This also is relevent to Granades.

They can be thrown or rolled in an accurate way.

Support Weapons:

Suppresive fire is key in GRAW. You not only can but HAVE to use it with your team or the enemy will take you down like a nothing. Cover fire as I like to call it can be issued to your team and to individuals. This has been said in QAs before but I make a point of it again.

The weapons like the SAW really throwns massive amounts of lead your way not always super accurate - as recoil is a big factor. But shoot in bursts and you will get the technique nailed down after a while. Also the fact that it holds 200 rounds compared to 20 or 30 of the asssult rifles makes a big impact.



Will be used in multiplayer games. Keeping this feature is essential and will allow us to maintain the tactical depth of the game while playing online.

He or She will be protected by the latest body armor and be interconnected with all allied forces on the battlefield. This means not only the core team, but also support helicopters, base camp, and unmanned air drones.

This will be done via the cross-com unit, which is the blue monocle on the soldier's goggles.

This device is actually used by pilots and surgeons, but on a much smaller scale, as it has not been refined to the point that we use it in the game. It allows the user to see what his teams are seeing in real time on the battlefield. The device also highlights enemy targets that the unmanned air support drones have spotted and gives tactical map information of the surrounding area in question.

The most important thing about the cross-com is that it does all this via multiple windows but does not impede the soldier's situational awareness of the battlefield. It basically means he doesn't have to dial a mobile number, look at a map and compass, or find a TV monitor, as everything is done remotely through his integrated suit and helmet; therefore he is always fully aware of where he is and what is around him.

The cross com camera

Is divided in two parts. One is a small representation of threat with buildings and major obstacles outlines. Target assesment is about 200% faster this way. Here you see you buddies outlook and what targets he sees.

Then we have the seccond layer with the realtime view from your buddys helmet. Here you look at situations more than enemies - what does my buddy cover, does he see some cover up ahead that I missed on the tectical map and so on. It is up to the player to switch between them.


Outlines are inimal and the Cross-Com pops up when information is coming across it from other sources such as the pilots of the Blackhawk. Even team members' info has a smaller profile compared to other versions. There is still a health bar for your character.

The HUD adapts itself to the situation, and shows you what you need to see.

Some parts become transparent when that info isn't currently needed.

The HUD has been improved for the PC player far less intrusive than before.

Gun Camera

We will have the gun camera in the game. Gun cam will be in first person and never as in GR2 where you saw it in 3rd person at times. Using the gun cam will be a bit like sniper zoom but with more Intel attached to it.

Depending on what happens in-game, the HUD adapts and changes, to give you more Intel if that's what you need, and more view, if that's what you need.

That depends entirely on his protection - as in real life, you can hardly survive a bullet to the head, although you can take two, maybe three in your vest.

Oh, and it depends on the weapon you're using, too.

Depending on what happens in-game, the HUD adapts and changes, to give you more Intel if that's what you need, and more view, if that's what you need

Tactical Information:

The tactical layer of the PC game is much more advanced than the console approach. We have a real-time 3d view of the battle field where you as a squad leader can see the action and plan it real time.

We are implementing exclusive features for the Tactical Map of the game.

We are concentrating on the tactical approach along with the ability to collect information [think UAV and other sources] and have AI challenging enough to create a better feel to the game.

This time around you will also have far better control of the team and trust them to do their job better than any other game in the genre ever.

We want the enemy AI to be random in how it operates and we will have different ways to use them.

You will be able to control several squads: the ghost squad of course and additional squads found on the battle area. Additionally you will be able to have a very fine and accurate control of the ghost squad making it possible to split into several groups and devise ambush and counter maneuvers.

With this Map tool, the planning phase can now happen at anytime in the game (at least when you’re safe enough!).

That also means that you’ll be able to change your plans if things do not go as planned, just like real soldiers do. We feel this is an ideal balance between strategy and improvisation.

We have however improved and increased these tactical features, taking advantage of the technology that the soldiers of the future will use.

We will also provide some great innovative modes which will fully exploit the tactical layer of the game and the near futuristic context.

There will be a tactical mode that I prefer to call Team Campaign at this time, though that is not its real name. The idea is to complete missions in order to win. You have to hold ground to eventually win.

Next we have an exclusively designed control on the PC that makes the player immersed in the body of Captain M. We are able to control him with great accuracy for both stealth,

position in in covers and shooting positions.

This is what we call the advanced leaning system which allows 8 way learning, sliding and even diving into cover.

Basically you've got what's called body awareness, so if you're in a cover position behind a wall you can actually see your feet, because in a real military situation if you put your foot out from behind a cover position a sniper will shoot your foot. So the idea is with body awareness when you're sliding you can actually see it even when you're playing in a first-person view.

We want to reward the players who develop effective tactics, without handicapping those which prefer the action. So certain elements and objectives were created in order to be played in a certain manner, our objective was however to make it possible to the players to achieve the missions in the manner which seems to them more amusing.

However, that will not be inevitably easiest or most effective... It is one of the best elements of the series of Ghost Recon:

We leave the free player choose his manner of completing the objectives and of playing in the manner which suit him more.

The players will be able to reach elevated strategic points which will make it possible to them to aim at the enemy targets by minimizing the risks for their team-members or themselves.

These elements diversify the level-design and widen the methods of attacks offered to the players.

There is no jumping, although very low obstacles are automatically surmounted.

You can solve each gameplay situation in the game in an unlimited amount of ways and with different tactics/approach.

Kind of Gameplay is exactly the kind of gameplay we have implemented into the PC version.

People who have played the original GR will find themselves at home in GRAW.

No bunny-hopping! =D

We have four basic orders, that your teammates will execute in different ways depending on the situation.

You can use group orders, individual orders, and chain orders in the tactical map.

You can also develop parrallel plans, and synchronize several plans at the same time or individually.

It is also possible to give orders directly in the 1st person view - it's very intuitive.

By using these tools, you can flank, ambush, etc. your enemy.


This is a tricky feature to include in a game. We will have a medic feature, but only to stop the bleeding, but not revive someone.

There will be an increase in the stress level for an injured player and that will stay even after being patched back up.


The information on the tactical map which we all wanted.

Spotted Enemy.

Console curser.

View and direction.

Team mate’s whereabouts.

And way point marker effect.

From this tactical map you can direct your assets any where and any route.

Although the game is mainly a tactical shooter and encourages the player to use his teammates and supports efficiently, there will be lone-wolf / stealth missions in the game. Silencer mods are available in that respect.

The maps have an _average_ size of 600x600 meters, in SP.

It is very important to cover you angles, and position you team correctly at all time. Moving down the streets, you cannot run'n'gun.

Clicking a button will bring up a menu next to your crosshairs, allowing you to point somewhere on the map and issue an order simultaneously.

The tacmap is a view from above, updated in realtime - it's basically a satellite view of the battle area.

It's an actual rendering of the 3d view - not just a flat map. you can actually see enemies moving on the streets, etc.

Here, you are able to issue orders to your teammates and support units, orchestrating beautiful tactical music of death!

AI Information:

GRAW features stealth and tactics. There will be no AI spawn hell.

Number of AI up to 20 against you and your ghosts, plus there are vehicles, both in the air and on ground.

AI will employ tactics.

This is Ghost Recon, remember? When we say “tactical shooter†we really mean it.

There are several layers of thinking for the AI.

The AI is tailor made to the game. The AI we created for GRAW is built from scratch and it is a very dynamic AI. It will respond to the environment, and actions by the enemy.

They will actively move from cover to cover when advancing to an objective and, with waypoints, will advance to the place in the stealthiest way possible.

The enemy AI will notice if they are under fire. There are three levels of AI awareness: individual, squad, and what we call mastermind that can control several squads for flanking maneuvers against the Ghosts.

The first AI layer is the individual one.

The AI will be self-preserving, which basically means that the enemy or your team mates will always avoid putting themselves in a situation where they could get shot.

They won’t cross your line of fire while you are aiming, and they won’t stay uncovered for long. For instance if you destroy the cover of an enemy (by blowing up a car for instance), he will move away to find another place to hide.

Then we have the group AI.

Which coordinates the individual AI to work cooperatively. Before he moves, one enemy will not only check where you are but also where his team mates are. If he sees that one of them is giving cover, he will be more likely to make his move. When a group of AI arrives to an area where the danger can come from several directions they will all cover a different direction, which is what trained soldiers would do.

The last layer of AI.

Is the “strategic†one. In some areas you will be surrounded by several squads and another AI will take care of coordinating them. Some groups will try to flank you while others will try to pin you down.

You will really need all the tactical tools at your disposal to try to get your team out of such a messy situation.

We have a difficulty setting that allows you to raise the difficulty level to your preference.

We are even thinking of implementing some super-hardcore setting for the pain lovers out there.


GRAW is urban and ranges from things like shantytowns to dense city environments. I know people are afraid urban will mean less options of approach to a goal but it is rather the opposite.

The missions cater to open areas like parks and more wooded terrain but not pure jungle as Far Cry or such.

The other big difference is of course the visual quality which will benefit from the latest Next Gen PC rendering and effect.

We are using emotional curves and lighting enhancements to enhance the mood.

We are modeling dynamic changes in time.

The sun will track across the sky and that will affect how it is reflected off of the surroundings.

Still, we will tune it down some before release. Also it is important to know that the bloom is dynamic and changes as the soldier adapts his eyes to the change in light intensity of his surrounding. You can see this in the “leaked†footage on GRAW PC.

We want you to get really into the game. The maps are huge too. They are at least 1 kilometer by 4 or 5 blocks wide.

Yes, there will be missions at dusk, dawn, night and day.

Every thing looks beautiful.

If you step into shadows, your in-game eyes adjust after a moment to the dimmer light. Then, while standing in the shadows, if you turn around and look out across a sunlit plaza, the light is absolutely intense -- sometimes obscuring figures in the distance.

On normal maps.

A good normalmap is not there to shine or look "metalish" as the first use for it was in many games. A real good normalmap fools the eye to beleive that the detail displayed is actually polygons.

Using normalmaps the right way you can achieve good grain in surfaces, more details on surfaces AND shapes. It is not about shiny at all - that is old old generation.

The normalmaps in GRAW are giving the environement, characters, weapons and vehicles a good blend togther and is a way to get the hundreds of realtime lights to really affect their surrounding.

A good normalmap (however dumb this sounds) is when you only notice it because it is missing.

Due to normalmaps you can have fewer polygons per object and therefore more evenly distributed polys in the game environment. I wont go into depth there though.

Gathering Intel for Game:

Yes we have a lot of guidance from former army specialists from outside the company and from the inside as well. I myself was signed to a Special Forces unit here in Sweden for two years before starting GRIN.

That of course gives me a great benefit and pleasure to be hands on in the project. Also the connection with RSE and their army contacts is a great inspiration.

Yes and we went to Mexico.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Modes

Single Player:

We will have an SP campaign of course, Coop, Team and FFA game types for players to enjoy. We have several different TvT game types in the works that we can’t discuss right now.

You take on the role of one single soldier - just as you would if entering a real battle.

If you die, you're dead. You can see through your teammates' head mounted cameras, to see where they're at, this replicates a bit of the GR1 tactical feeling.

There are only four team members available, but you can’t physically control them as in GR, but you can give them orders. You can even split them up individually to have them flank an enemy position similar to what you had with the original game.

The objective will involve a lot of fighting and defeating enemies?. The wealth of situations, times of day, environments will provide a wide variety of objectives for the player to fulfill. From the Alamo situation at the bottom of the destroyed US embassy, to the hunt for scrambling devices, the player will be challenged numerous original situations.

Although the game is mainly a tactical shooter and encourages the player to use his teammates and supports efficiently, there will be lone-wolf / stealth missions in the game. Silencer mods are available in that respect.

Drone Support

Drone support is not all the time.

It is possible, but not at anytime. The supports will be made available in some of the battle areas you visit.

Command and Loadout

You are completely free to select their equipment (primary weapon, secondary weapon, RPG), as you are to select your own.

You can either command the team as one group, or control individually each of the 3 ghosts, and track their progress through the Cross-Com.

You will be able to give individual orders to each soldier


Uniform changes. None.

No, because they have the best already?

Taylored Weapons

GRAW PC you will have the opportunity to tailor your weapon to the mission you have to accomplish each individual weapon in the game will be highly customable. ost rifle guns can be customized by adding several different modules to their core structure: silencer, grenade on sights, combat sights, tactical grip

So before each mission, or at supply points, you ca change your equipment to fit your exact needs: choose from the iron sights when you are entering a narrow area, go for the silencer if your mission requires a stealth approach, etc.. More screenshots to come shortly....

We will have Coop that will let you play the SP missions.

Single Player missions will last approximately 2 hours.

All the ghosts in your team are fully configurable in terms of weapons and equipment. The ghost which you give a sniper rifle, will be the sniper.

Basically, you create your own setup of specialists.


Multiplayer expands towards new modes which also take advantage of our new tactical layer and near futuristic context.

Up to 32 players will be able to join the multiplayer mode.

There will be new modes for MP.

We will have Coop that will let you play the SP missions.

Chat will be available in between rounds as Ghost Recon had before.

We want gamers to enjoy them selves setting up for the next mission or set up a new plan if the first one fails.

Of course - this is one of our main focuses for the entire game play. The tactical approach is balanced with the co-op in mind.

Playing together against AI on MP maps is a totally different mode.

Novickas did, however, cough up that "there will be PC-exclusive modes that focus more on tactics and strategy. Obviously, we're not trying to be Battlefield 2," he laughs.

"The fights [in Advanced War fighter] are smaller and more intense." While there's no official word on persistent stat tracking (a la BF2), we did learn that Red Storm is considering a sort of commander mode that puts one player in the command center to issue orders.

Yes, we want it to be clan friendly.

16 in domination mode.

Now the most important aspect of the game for hard-core gamers: multiplayer

You can play with and against each other over local area network and internet, because cooperative play is also included.

Together with your friends and optional AI players you can take on the singleplayer missions, with the difference that the enemies are much more difficult and there is no save option during missions.

When a human player dies, he cannot respawn, but it is possible to take over an artificial teammate, when there are any alive. When the last human player dies and there are no more artificial teammates left, the mission is failed.

Starting a Server

You can start a server from within the game, where you’ll find the option to host a dedicated or listen server.

If a separate dedicated server will be available during launch is unsure, it might be developed and released later. GRAW will be using Gamespy for its internal server browser, and you don’t have to memorize IP addresses, because a favourite server save option is provided.

The server will be managed using the internal game menu, and there is at this moment no intention to create a remote console option. When you run a dedicated server you’ll need a computer comparable with a computer you need to run the game, with the exception that a server doesn’t need a high end videocard, and needs more memory and bandwidth, depending on the number of players

Something which was previously not possible is possible now: joining a running game. No more waiting until the game is finished, you can join whenever you want, something which is quite normal for less tactical FPS games.

For people who want to stick with the old behaviour there will be an option to switch this.

Features which might get added in a patch, but which are not included in 1.0 are demo recording and ingame content download, so you’ll be able to join any server, even if you don’t have that map. There will be no ingame voice communication, a decision which I support.

There are enough good external tools available, something which GRIN has correctly taken into consideration.

Q: What MP modes are available out-of-the-box when I've bought GRAW PC?

A: Co-op Campaign mode and TvT Domination mode. Do not confuse the Domination mode of GRAW with the Domination mode of GR1 or BF.

Q: How does the Co-op Campaign mode work?

A: You and up to three of your friends form a team and play through the single player campaign together. Any slot left open (if there are three or less humans in the game) can be filled by a ghost controlled by the AI.

The server host becomes the team leader and he is the only one who can target enemies and place nodes for the others to follow in the Tactical Map. If the team leader dies, the mission is over for the entire team.

If a client (i.e. any ghost team member who is not the team leader) dies, he takes over any AI controlled ghost alive in the team (that is, if there were any AI ghosts in the team to begin with (remember, that was an option).

You can see through your teammates’ headcam (cross-com view) at any time during the game.

There are no save points during a co-op mission, meaning that it is truly tricky to get through a mission and succeed.

It is possible to start a co-op campaign and fill only one slot (you) and leave out the three optional AI teammates: That means you play the game alone (even the missions that in single player campaign are non-lone wolf mission) all by yourself - without save points.

THAT is hardcore

Q: How does the TvT Domination mode work?

A: There are two teams (US and Mex), starting at their own respective home base. Each team can be divided in sub-teams (fire teams), consisting of up to five members.

The map is divided into a number of zones, which from the beginning are all neutral (except for the home base of the two teams, which always belong to that team and can't be taken over by the other team), but as soon as a member of either team walks into a zone connected to a zone already held by that team (from the beginning that is of course only the base zone) that zone will begin a process of being overtaken by that team (the "ownership bar", underneath the map in the HUD, increases).

This process goes faster the more members from that team are in the zone, but stops if an equal number of members of the opposing team enter the zone.

To take over a zone which is already held by the opposing team you need to go through the process of "release" that zone from the opposing team - e.g. "neutralizing" it (the "ownership bar" goes down).

This is done by outnumbering the enemy numbers in that zone - needless to say it goes faster the more of your team you have in there. Even though your enemy owns the zone, there might be no enemies in there, as a zone taken over by one team will be held by that team until the opposing team fully "neutralizes" the zone.

In short: To take over a neutral zone you only need to stay in the zone until the "ownership bar" is entirely filled, but to take over a zone held by your enemy you need to first "release" it from their ownership, and then take it over youself (which naturally would take twice the time compared to taking over a neutral zone).

A zone whose ownership is changing starts flashing on the map - which should send the opposing team running there to look after their assets. This might however just be a distraction to lure them away from their advance elsewhere on the map, so there are many tactical layers to all of this. It's very intrigueing once you're in it - wait until youy play it.

Any zone can be neutralized, but to take it over for your own team it must be connected via a supply line (visible on the map in the HUD). This means that you can run across the map and neutralize an enemy zone - "poking holes" in their empire - but you cannot take them over until your own frontlines have reached that far.

Needless to say, it is of great importance to move together and take over zones in teams. You cannot run around on renegade missions - a team who plays tactically and know how to advance through the map as a team will run you over big time.

Up in the right corner of the screen is the map, showing the zones as well as you and your temmates' positions. Benath it, as mentioned before, is the "ownership bar" (beneath the map). There is also the "presence indicator", showing exactly the number of friendlies and enemies in your zone.

If you are alone in a zone that you own (wow, that rhymes well), and suddenly the number of enemies pops up to two - you are in trouble! Call for support or the enemy, now outnumbering you, will take over the zone - or at least neutralize it.

The flashing indication on the HUD map and the "presence indicator" makes it fruitless to go hide in the corner of the map and hope that no one will find you. Get back in line, soldier!

Tactical points are earned by killing enemies (amount of points dealt depend on if you shot the enemy in your or his zone) and neutralizing/taking over zones. You lose tactical points for shooting teammates.

Tactical points can be exchanged for heavier weapons. Standard settings are set so that you can't afford anything but the M8 and a side arm to begin with, and have to secure a set of supply lines to you earn the right to, say, a Barrett or a SAW.

Tactical points can also be exchanged for the ability to once spawn in the vicinity of you team leader, which is not always worth it, but can prove very useful every once in a while, when you want to save the time it takes to run from the home base to the front line of the battle.

You can change the number of lives each player has to dispose of - infinite, five, three or one (meaning no respawns).

Spawn camping is counteracted by making every enemy in your home base visible on the HUD map, and making anyone who spawns immortal for five seconds.

There are no red diamonds marking your enemies in the Domination mode. Do not even trust the screenshots – trust me when I say this

Your team wins if:

A) You take over all the zones on the map (except for the enemy base zone, which cannot be taken over)

B) The match time runs out and you dominate the most zones (match time can of course be altered server-side).

C) The server was set to allow a limited number of respawns and you killed everyone in the opposing team so that they cannot respawn anymore.

Q: Why are there no TvT or DM multiplayer modes out-of-the-box?

A: Although you have been waiting for this sequel for five years, you have to remember that this does not mean that we have been working on it for five years.

We prioritized our efforts on creating a new, sophisticated MP mode to blow a breath of fresh, tactical air into the MP world, and bring something new to the community. We simply did not have the time to implement everything in the game, but the magic words are "free online add on" and "trust us". Heed those magic words!

Q: Will there be a patch to implement TvT and DM into the game?

A: Yes, it's in the works right as we speak - we know you want it, and we are passionate about bringing it to you. We do aim to plaese. We're sorry it didn't get to be out-of-the-box, but you have to acknowledge the fact that as a developer you are required to say "OK, fine, this game rocks and is more than good enough to be released - we can't keep the fans waiting any more; any more changes and additions can be done in future patches". That is a fact, and you have to acknowledge that fact.

You keep your tactical points for yourself - they are not shared within the fire team or team.

With their points, anybody can acquire any weapon. You can be a team of 16 all carrying SAWs if you want to - there are no restrictions as to what "soldier type" you are, you just kit up with the weapon you want and then you become whatever you do best with that weapon: Support/cover (SAW), sniper (Barrett), counter sniper (rifle w/ GL and/or grenades), allround (scar-l, scar-h, m8), sneaky bastish (silenced allround or MP550sd sidearm), etc...

To succeed, however, a team will of course have to be a good blend of these (not all snipers, i.e.), but that is something that the team has to decide how to balance on their own - we don't want to force it on you by having certain "slots" for soldier types. You be the tactician.

You get points by securing the supply lines - i.e. take over a neutral or enemy zone. Also, as stated in the initial post of this thread, you get points for kills and neutralizing zones.

To change kit in the field you need an intact line of supply going back all the way to your home base - that's what the supply lines are for.

The enemy's supply lines are of course for you to hack off.

Indeed. The DOM mode gives clues as to where your enemies are, and if you walk from one zone to another and see the number of enemies in the "presence indicator" change from "0" to "1" as you pass the border, you know you have narrowed down the search for that sneaky guy who's been hiding with his barrett behind enemy lines the past few minutes, picking off guys in your team as they head from home base to Echo Zone. You look up towards the rooftops... where could he be..?

He's about to get a taste of your *schwa!* *kling* *kling-kling* BAM! nade, hehe.

The different indicators of the DOM mode help the game get more concentrated, makes it possible for fewer people to have fun even on the larger maps.

The MP maps are built out of the same sets of objects and scenery which we've used to portray Mexico City throughout the extensive SP campaign - meaning MP maps can take place in the "old" parts of the city - the cobble stone kind of place (labelled "historical" setting), the "business districts" ("city" setting), the worn down shanty town ("shanty" setting), the lush woods of the inner-city park ("park" setting) and the industrial areas ("industrial" setting). Its a very diverse array of settings, far from as "square" and "90-degree-corners-all-over" as some of you seem to expect. The shanty town is just a mess...

Additional MP maps will come. Maybe even new sets of sceneries...

The control schemes for SP and MP are exactly the same, and how they work and why we decided to have it that way is in the thread I linked. What you think you see in the trailer is a creation of your imagination, trust me.

1. My guess is that it's an easy mod. In any way, it's not a menu option at this point. Getting enough points to move on to heavier weapons is very easy, but you need to keep those tactical points coming in, because each time you die you need to spend some of them on a new set of weapons. It's just to push people into engaging in the battle and not just hide in the back zones like cowards. Being a sniper myself, I can sometimes find it hard to get by, but that all pays off when my 50 cal bullets zing across the rooftops and pop heads on the other side of the map...

2. MP maps are not scalable - it's not like in BF where you would just disable a flag: here the zones are connected by supply lines and those would have to be redrawn if the map should work after you've disabled a set of peripheral zones to make it smaller... that would mess up the tactical layout. Also, you would need to not only disable the effect these zones have on the gameplay (that is, their status as zones that can be dominated) but also seal them off so that people can't even go there.

Say a simple map looks like this, with zones A through L, E being the home base for one team, and H being the home base for the other:

(don't mind the dots, they're just to even out the distances in this fine piece of ASCII art)

A = B = C = D

|| .. || .. || .. ||

E = F = G = H

|| .. || .. || .. ||

I. = J. = K = L

If you disabled a row of zones, so the map looked like this:

A = B = C = D

|| .. || .. || .. ||

E = F = G = H

|| .. || .. || .. ||

X = X = X = X

Then people could move through the "disabled" zones and go straight to one of the key zones in the middle without the enemy team being able to track that movement (remember the flashing on the HUD map when a zone begins to be taken over). It would be like travelling "outside the grid", and the map wouldn't work as nicely.

You see now why scaling DOM maps would be a tricky thing?

I know, a very lengthy description of the reason for not having scalable maps, but I'm all about giving answers tonight, so there you go.

We hope the set of maps included in the retail version provides a good starting kit with an wide array of maps suitable for different numbers of participants. And, as stated before, new MP maps as well as modes are in the making.


We plan to run dedicated servers.

We will not support Linux servers when the game comes out, but this may be implemented afterwards. Time permitting we will include the All Seeing Eye feature.

Cable or ADSL connection will really be enough to play the game online.

There will be similar options for server setup as there was for the original.

There will be an in game browser and GRAW will have direct IP support

we are looking at it as a way to keep out cheaters.

Dedicated Servers:

You can start a server from within the game, where you’ll find the option to host a dedicated or listen server.

If a separate dedicated server will be available during launch is unsure, it might be developed and released later.

GRAW will be using Gamespy for its internal server browser, and you don’t have to memorize IP addresses, because a favourite server save option is provided.

The server will be managed using the internal game menu, and there is at this moment no intention to create a remote console option.

When you run a dedicated server you’ll need a computer comparable with a computer you need to run the game, with the exception that a server doesn’t need a high end videocard, and needs more memory and bandwidth, depending on the number of players.

Something which was previously not possible is possible now: joining a running game. No more waiting until the game is finished, you can join whenever you want, something which is quite normal for less tactical FPS games. For people who want to stick with the old behaviour there will be an option to switch this.

Features which might get added in a patch, but which are not included in 1.0 are demo recording and ingame content download, so you’ll be able to join any server, even if you don’t have that map.

There will be no ingame voice communication, a decision which I support. There are enough good external tools available, something which GRIN has correctly taken into consideration.

Game Replays:

Due to the way the game is made we will not have replays. This could have changed.

Modding Tools:

Novickas and the team also recognize that the online community is what gives our games a long life, and we plan to support them. Tools will be made available for would-be game makers and, from the look of early demos, they could be as simple to use as Crytek's Far Cry kit. The editor works in-game, so you can see exactly what your changes on the map are doing to the game world.

Modding Tools will be made available for would be game makers. See Cryteks Far Cry Kit. As an example.

There will be a level/sand-box type editor on release. It will also feature scripting language and all objects available in game can be used.

Introducing old GR1 Maps:

We are definitely looking at porting older maps at a later date, if Ubi will allow us to.

Game Replay ability:

You can of course choose to take alternative routes through the maps, as well as different tactical approaches.

The AI will of course adapt to your tactical approach, and team setup - varying your experience greatly.

The non-linear maps open up huge possibilities different strategies.

In The Box:

The Delivery of your game will include a Game PC DVD ROM and Booklet, with full instructions and Game Credits.

After Game Release Support:

We will provide patches and work with Ubi for MP support and we hope to do some expansion pack in the near future.

Every program contains bugs, even GRAW, something which Bo doesn’t deny. Patches will be released which will contain bugfixes as well as additional content.

Another point of frustration with the community is cheating.

GRIN chose to develop their own anti-cheat solution, instead of using third-party tools like Punkbuster. The anti-cheat functionality will be updated with patches as well.

Development Teams Comments:

No Silhouettes in the PC version, because the PC community was strongly opposed to it.

Yes, the gore level of GR1 and GRAW are about the same level.

It is really a tactical sim as you never have seen before on any format.

REPLAYS we know how important the issue is for the online gaming community.

We're looking into it, though. I'd love to have the feature in myself. We hope to get it in,

but we cannot guarantee that we'll succeed, at this point.

Dead body remain Yes.

The PC specific features of GRAW are all developed to push the game into the truly tactical realm.

Even though the game is story-driven, it's not going to be linear - it will offer plenty of freedom in how you approach things tactically.

Screen Shot Info:

Software Used:

3d Studio MAX



HDR is used.

The game will support Wide Screen16:10.

Maybe with SLI support or Ati crossfire


You don't slot to objects and climb over them. That is a 360 feature.

1 feet walls? Ask yourself is that an obstacle. It is realistic.

No jump over buttons. Level design is made so you do not need it.

In the crosscom view you notice that they(?) have the gun to their left whilst yourself have it to the right.

Yes the teammates headcam is on the side of their helmet - not in their eyes. So the view is a bit off set. Oh I thought you wanted it realistic  Yes it is grey with a camera shake.

The tacmap in PC is a realtime view from above where you can plan in realtime and give chained commands as you see he does.

markers can be turned off - even in SP.


Gun View.

It works just fine when you play. It has been tested over and over and over again. It also lowers when you run, crouch run, fast crawl or if you move to close to a wall/obstacle.

Exactly. You see your whole body.

Markers can be turned off - even in SP

AND in MP there are NO markers on the enemy - EVER.

No AGEIA was used in the video.

I think it is set at mid range.

No it is REALTIME.

Fullscreen is from your TEAMMATES headcamera (what else would it be?)

Air Support

It is available in "windows&a

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"1 Shot 1 Kill This option will still be available at higher difficulty levels, and it will be scalable in multiplayer games. "

What is an example of scaling the hit damage in a MP game. In GR, you could use arcade mode although no one ever used it. What do you think it means?

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yO STIG WHERE YOU BEEN ?? not seen ya on TRT forums for ages m8. :whistle:

HEY Matey :) Been awhile.

My Online gaming is none existant at the moment as my PC's not upto the job at the moment. :wall: But lookin at this GR3 makes me think I'll find the insparation to invest.

anyhow I won't change the direction of this thread, instead I'll log in & give You guys an update on the TRT forums. :thumbsup:

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Very informative, thanks a bunch.

A thought tho, BattleField 2 is making a ton of money. But I do not like the game, it is good, but is no GR1, cant get excited like with GR1. Our fear is that enemy names will appear if you point at them. (As they do in BF2) Meaning that all you have to do is pan around the horizon and an enemy name may "appear" briefly from a bush or window, and then you know where they are, whereas in GR1 I could be literally inches away from you in the same set of shrubery or what have you, and you would never know it. Even with a sensor, and mates yelling " to the left, your left, your other left" lol, you would have a hard time sometimes seeing them, and that made it super realistic and exciting, frustrating at times but exciting. It is our hope, AFD's, that This type of reality can be retained in the new game, and that the Devs dont follow the money every step of the way. :nono:

Just a thought, wonder what you all are thinking on the subject.

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Hen or She will be protected by the latest body armor and be interconnected with all allied forces on the battlefield. This means not only the core team, but also support helicopters, base camp, and unmanned air drones.

This will be done via the cross-com unit, which is the blue monocle on the soldier's goggles.


Does this hopefully mean what i think it means :blink:

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"The player will have also indicators of breathing, which will emulate the rate of respiration of the soldier and who will have an influence on the precision of the shootings."

Do you think that this means that you will hear it or that it will be represented graphically. I don't want to listen to that. Also, thanks for these informative posts. Great stuff!

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"The player will have also indicators of breathing, which will emulate the rate of respiration of the soldier and who will have an influence on the precision of the shootings."

Do you think that this means that you will hear it or that it will be represented graphically. I don't want to listen to that. Also, thanks for these informative posts. Great stuff!

Most likely it isn't an auditory thing. When I shoot, the sound of my breathing doesn't hinder my shot.

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GR DOES have the breathing sound if you are injured. I have had chest injuries in game and can hear my soldier cough lightly afterwards. plus being shot should affect your accuracy. As does strenous activity before you shoot. if you run x distance, then your heavy breathing WILL affect your shot. special operators are trained to shoot in these situations.

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This is a feature I noticed in the new 360 movie, I don't like it. You are not as aware of your own breathing as you are of someone next to you. That's what this soundf like, like you are listening to someon else'e breathing. It is distracting and annoying. If they include it and it is interfering, then the solution is to delete the .wav files.

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Thanks for the post. This is the best compliation I've seen yet about GRAW's features. But has there been any news about GRAW's modding capabilities?

Will GRAW accept custom level creation? If so, any news on what the platofrm is for level creation (Max 7, Aegia Tools, ???)?

Will GRAW allow modding of the HUD/Cross Com feature? If not, we may be very limited in being able to do mods for historical and contemporary conflicts. That would be a real shame.

Let's face it, GR is great...but it's really the modability that has made GR 1 such a long term success and the phenomenon that it is. Other wise I would have left GR behind years ago.

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