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hello again!

I am messing around with GR gun files at the moment and d/l'ed the ballistics calculator. I've also searched the web for the bullet stats that I need but without any success. So I ask you gun nerds out there if you could help me to get the following stats:

-Bullet Weight in grains

-Powder Weight in grains

-Muzzle Velocity in mps or fps

-Velocity at Effective Range in mps or fps

for the following calibers:

7,62 x 39

5,45 x 39

7,62 x 54R

5,56 x 45 NATO

7,62 x 51 NATO

6,8 x 43 SPC

4,6 x 30

5,7 x 28

.300 WinMag

9 x 18 Makarov

9 x 19

.45 ACP

.50 BMG

Could you please please help me?

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5,56 x 45 NATO

I reload these for my M4. Bullet and powder rate varies, especially with differetn powder. The most common bullet for US military is 55gr. FMJ. The British use 63gr. I think. I use anywhere from 20-30gr for most of my powder, but those are not very hot loads, military rounds are HOT. Try to find various books about reloading. If you can't books, then look for reloading sites. I know LEE, Speer, and Sierra all have reloading books out that are very good. Just search around.

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5,56 x 45 NATO

The most common bullet for US military is 55gr. FMJ. The British use 63gr. I think.

I suspect you're quoting the stats for US M193 and NATO SS109, M855 is the US version of SS109 and should have pretty much replaced M193 in the front line.

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Out of the US Army FM 3-22.9:




Standard for M16A1


Tracer version of the M193





Tracer version of the M855

The M855 CAN NOT be used in the M16A1. The rifling (a 1 in 12" twist) is insufficient to stabilize the heavier projectile.

I posted this information in order the help myself understand and to clear up anything I may have said earlier.

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The standard round in Vietnam was 55grains, and since then the standard round has be 62grains.

The M855 is the current round being used. I have checked all of the surplus ammo that I have and it is all 62grain FMJ. Unless there is something that has changed that I don't know about the M855 (green tip I believe) is the current standard issue 5.56mm round.

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so the Mk262 is the current US Army standard bullet or what?

I'm confused...


No. Typically only special operations will be using this, mostly as fodder for the SPR, as DWG said. Logistically it's just too hard to be spreading out three, four, or even five different cartridges around. For more info, you might want to hit up Hatchetforce. He'll give you definitive answers, where possible.

As far as this thread goes, I personally did some alteration to the combat.xml to get killing power about where I wanted it. You also may have to play with armor values.

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