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Done, but please let me know when I can revert back to me gif.

duder, once youve uploaded the jpg version, just remote link to the gif.

After much recent discussion about this I did some basic research. The conclusion of my research is that the database "deletes" the uploaded avatar as soon as you remote link to another source.

Therefore, my statements I've previously made about being able to change your avatar once it is uploaded are incorrect. Please upload your avatar and leave it in place until this project is complete.... won't be long.

Sorry for any confusion I caused in the course of this project. :(

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"Keep in mind, though, that the location of this is not in the uploads folder for avatars, it's in the file manager system. It will need to be uploaded via the instructions given in the first post."

Like, am I expected to understand that???? lol. Thanks to all you guys helping me on this one. So what do I need to do?

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The damn suspense is killing me here Rocky.........


Oh, I should have made it clear :devil:

This deal closes at the weekend, if you have not followed the instructions by then, you miss out.

HOWEVER, you won't get to see what this is all about for a few weeks, sorry!

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