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Goto My Controls, which is located just below the ghostrecon.net header.

A new screen will now appear. Click Edit Avatar Settings, which is located under the Personal Profile section.

Now you can either select an avatar from the ones supplied via this site, or you could upload an avatar should you have one. But seeing as you aren't too hot on the avatar front, I'll presume you haven't yet got yourself one.

So...the idea is to make one, or ask someone to make one for you. If you ask nicely enough, that person might even make you a sig to go along with it!! Almost anyone will create these sig (see my logo beneith my post for what a sig is), but if you are feeling generous, you could always make a donation (like I've done in the past) to ghostrecon.net - CLICK HERE!!

To get an avatar and sig made for you, goto THIS LINK!!!

Hope this helps. :)

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Got my avatar uploaded on GR.net for more than a year now. I guess it counts? Or do i need to do it again?

If it's currently uploaded, then no worries. We're working from the avatar uploads folder. If it's been uploaded once, it's there.

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Rocky, Cobblers - thanks! I'll see what I can do - great instructions!

Check your PM's m8. Going to get you a sig and avatar sorted by one of my m8's. Should be a nice job, with your name on it in a gr'ish style!!

It should be done within the next 24 hours (max).

Edit: Ok the sig and avatar are done for you m8. The guy did admit it was a rushed job, but at least you get an avatar with a matching sig for this thing that Rocky is sorting out for us. :) Hope you like it!

PS - Dan is a good one to ask if you want a sig done! :thumbsup:

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